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Epilogue Summary

The Epilogue consists of Artemis Fowl's diary, disk 1 (encrypted) as Artemis explains that he has decided to keep a diary so that future Fowl generations can take advantage of his brilliant ideas. He must be careful because it would be valuable to law enforcement agencies trying to build a case against him, but it is even more important to keep his secrets from his father who has changed a lot since his escape from Russia; he has become obsessed with nobility and heroism, so it is up to Artemis to preserve the family fortune, and many of his plots will be illegal because the real money to be made lies outside the law. Out of respect for his parents' values, he intends to target global corporations where the victims are not as sympathetic, but he still plans to get rich from his crimes. Artemis notes that Butler has also changed; he looks the same yet seems older, but still Artemis will not replace him, though he may have Juliet accompany him when he actually needs protection. He still has ongoing ventures that he can work without a bodyguard, such as his software and art forgery projects, but his projects must all be temporarily suspended because he has learned that he is the victim of conspiracy. This morning, he found odd mirrored contact lenses in his eyes when he washed the face. The idea is ingenious, and though he does not know anything about the lenses, he feels that the answer is hidden somewhere inside his brain. Butler and Juliet also found similar lenses in their eyes. The lenses are so clever that they could have been Artemis's own invention, so his unknown adversary must not be underestimated. Butler is currently on his way to his contact in Limerick who is a specialist in such lenses and may know who made them. So, a new chapter begins in Artemis's life. Soon, his father will return, and Artemis will be exiled to boarding school with access only to a pathetic computer center and lamentable laboratory while his bodyguard seems too old for physical tasks and an unknown person is planting objects on his person. These seem to be overwhelming difficulties, and any ordinary person would hide from the world, but he is not ordinary; "I am Artemis Fowl, the latest in the Fowl crime dynasty, and I will not be turned from my path. I will find whoever planted those lenses and they will pay for their presumption. And once I am rid of this nuisance, my plans will proceed unhindered. I shall unleash a crime wave the likes of which has never been seen. The world will remember the name of Artemis Fowl" (page 309).

Epilogue Analysis

The novel draws to a conclusion as Artemis wakes after the mind wipe. He has no memory of the fairies, and it is obvious that he has changed from the person he was before the mind wipe as he resumes his plans to preserve the family fortune through illegal means, ignoring his father's desire for nobility and heroism. Still, he plans to target less sympathetic global corporations instead of private individuals, showing an improvement from the boy he was before his involvement with the fairies. Artemis notices that Butler seems older, yet he does not remember why because of the mind wipe. Most importantly, Artemis is confused by finding mirrored contact lenses in his eyes, and he sends Butler to a specialist in Limerick to try to learn where these came from. This fulfills the foreshadowing that Artemis will restore his fairy memories as Butler obtained these lenses from the same man who will be able to tell them the lenses were made on Artemis's orders at the very least. This will alert Artemis to the fact that something is wrong with his memories, allowing him to search for answers if he did not leave information with the contact in Limerick. Artemis prepares to return to school, and though he knows such a tragedy would be overwhelming for most people, he refuses to be turned from his path. He intends to learn who planted the lenses and then resume his plans for his criminal enterprise. The reader can only hope that Artemis restores his fairy memories before embarking on his proposed crime wave, the likes of which has never been seen.

This section contains 731 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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