The Eternity Code - Chapter 12 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 12 Summary

As Butler and Holly return to Fowl Manor, the LEP hauls mind-wiping gear into the house. Butler joins Artemis and Juliet in the study where he assures Artemis he got everything on the list, including the custom job of six small vials from Butler's friend in Limerick, the contents of which all three of them place into their eyes. He also shows Artemis the mini disk where he saved the boy's diary and files about the fairies, and he planted the false trails to mislead Foaly into a false sense of security. Juliet suggests that Artemis should let the memories go and leave the fairies in peace, but he insists those memories are part of who he is. Foaly's tech crew sets up in the conference room with cables to connect to the humans' brains so Foaly can edit their memories, but he promises only to erase those pertaining to the fairies. They will also give Butler a face lift so his exterior looks young again. Holly brings Mulch in to say goodbye, and Commander Root mocks the emotional goodbyes, reminding the humans that they will not even remember Mulch in ten minutes. He is here to ensure the wipe goes smoothly as he is sure that Artemis has a few tricks up his sleeve. Artemis grins; the final contest will be for the LEP to find the items he hid to spark residual memories. Artemis hands Mulch a gold medallion as a memento of their adventures, and Root agrees to let him keep it since Foaly suggests it could trigger residual memories. As Holly leads Mulch away, Artemis is sorry that he will not remember his friendship with the dwarf. As Foaly scans Artemis's memories, he informs Artemis that they found his email with fairy files, and they will detonate a charge in his computer to delete any files related to the fairies. When Holly returns with the time capsule Butler buried, Artemis is less cocky as he loses his lifelines to the past. At Captain Root's orders, Holly mesmerizes Artemis and asks him a few questions. Since it will all be over when he wakes, Artemis thanks Holly for saving his family, but when he reminds them of who he was when they first met and asks if they want him to become that person again, Foaly and Holly are concerned by that possibility; however, Root says Artemis's future is not their problem. Holly mesmerizes him and asks about the tricks he hid to trigger residual memories, but Artemis only confesses to what they have found before Root says it is enough. As she hooks Juliet up, Holly tells her that she has too much heart for the cold business of personal protection, and during Butler's turn, he tells Holly he is always available if the fairies ever need his help. When Artemis's turn comes, Holly asks Foaly if he is sure, but he has no choice because orders are orders. Artemis is hooked to the machine, and Foaly commences deletion, but it does not feel right to Holly. Artemis found them once and could find them again. Foaly insists they will be prepared next time. Holly notes it is a pity because they were almost friends, but when Foaly objects to being friends with a viper like Artemis, Holly agrees and announces she is going to fly to Tara. As she flies away, Foaly thinks about how emotional elves are, but he knows Root will never fire Holly because she was born to police and they will need her to save the fairies if Artemis manages to find them again. In the shuttle, Mulch feels sorry for himself, but he has a tiny glimmer of hope though he is going to be locked up. He reads the note Artemis slipped him with instructions to tell his lawyer to check the original search warrant, to keep his nose clean for a few years and then return the medallion to Artemis; together, they will be unstoppable. Mulch destroys the note. He knows the review of his case could take years, but at least there is hope. Wrapping his fingers around Artemis's medallion, he thinks about how they will be unstoppable together.

Chapter 12 Analysis

Chapter 12: Mind Wipe reverts to Fowl Manor as the LEP prepare to perform mind wipes on the humans in Artemis's entourage. When Butler returns to Fowl Manor, Artemis discusses his plans to restore their memories with his bodyguard, further foreshadowing his intention of remembering the fairies after the mind wipe. Furthermore, he shows his intelligence and fore planning by planting false trails so Foaly will believe he has outsmarted the boy. Despite Juliet's suggestion, Artemis refuses to leave the fairies in peace because his memories of the fairies are part of what defines him as a person. As the LEP begins setting up for the mind wipes, Foaly assures Artemis and the other humans that he will only erase the memories pertaining to his people; additionally, he promises to give Butler cosmetic surgery so there will be no need to question the fact that he has aged so much in such a short amount of time. The humans say goodbye to Mulch and Holly, indicating their friendship by their sorrow on both ends since they know the humans will soon forget the fairies. Commander Root's presence for fear that Artemis has a few tricks up his sleeve foreshadows the LEP's cautious approach to the mind wipes. Artemis hands Mulch a gold medallion, foreshadowing the importance of this memento. Artemis loses some of his arrogance as Foaly informs him that he has found nearly all of his contingency plans to restore his memories, and he tries to dissuade Commander Root from performing the mind wipes by reminding them of who he used to be and pointing out that he may return to being that person without the changes brought on by his experiences with the fairies. Unfortunately, Commander Root is indifference to this argument, though Foaly and Holly consider it a valid point. Holly mesmerizes Artemis and begins questioning him about his backup plans, but Commander Root tells her to finish before she is satisfied, foreshadowing that Artemis has gotten away with something. Holly says her goodbyes to Juliet and Butler as she hooks them up to the mind wiping machinery, but it does not feel right when they hook Artemis up. She worries that he may find them again, but Foaly insists they will be prepared if Artemis discovers their existence in the future, insisting that they must follow orders. When Holly leaves to hide her emotions, Foaly thinks that they will need her if Artemis does learn about them yet again, even though she is too emotional for police work. As the narrative switches focus, it turns to Mulch who reads the note from Artemis instructing him to return the gold medallion in a few years. This fulfills the earlier foreshadowing that Artemis still has another trick up his sleeve in his plans to restore his memories, and it foreshadows the success of his plan.

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