The Eternity Code - Chapter 11 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 11 Summary

Back at Fowl Manor, after greeting Artemis and the others, Butler leaves for one last mission because Blunt escaped from the police vehicle while being arrested. His pride wounded, Blunt wants to avenge himself of Artemis's insults, so he flies to Heathrow, London where the passport official happens to be Sid Commons, an old friend of Butler who realizes that Blunt matches the description that Butler gave him. Commons takes Blunt into custody and calls Butler who promises to arrive in thirty minutes. Commons is eager to repay Butler for the dozen times Butler saved his life in Monte Carlo. When Blunt arrives 32 minutes later, he assures Commons that he is unarmed before identifying the man who shot him in Knightsbridge. Though Commons will not allow Butler to enter Blunt's cell, he leaves to acquire a visitor's badge for his friend, Butler promising he will not be seen inside that room. As soon as Commons leaves, Holly unshields next to Butler who drapes the foil over his head and opens the cell door. Blunt is unconcerned about being detained because they cannot hold him for long without a charge. He ignores the door opening and closing until a voice he recognizes as Butler's tells him he is here to settle the score. Butler throws off the foil, seeming to appear out of thin air, and says he is here to take Blunt to the place he is headed, where he has sent so many others, to hell. Blunt cries and argues he was only following orders, and though Butler believes him, it is not enough; Blunt must confess his crimes to the authorities or Butler will return. Blunt promises to confess because prison is better than the alternative. Seconds after Butler leaves the cell, Commons returns and asks what he did to Blunt who stands stunned. Butler tells Commons to check the security tapes, claiming Blunt started talking to thin air and yelling about his desire to confess, and while Commons believes Butler knows more than he is saying, Butler insists he will not show up on the surveillance tapes.

Chapter 11 Analysis

Chapter 11: The Invisible Man relocates back to Fowl Manor in Ireland as Artemis and his associates return to his home after outwitting Jon Spiro. As soon as Artemis and the others return to Ireland, Butler leaves for a final mission. This mission is quickly explained: Blunt has evaded arrest and flies to England with the intent of avenging himself against Artemis's insults. Thanks to a friend's Intel, Butler is able to infiltrate Blunt before he makes it to Ireland. Butler identifies the man who shot him, but his friend, Commons, will not let him enter Blunt's cell. Though Butler promises not to leave the observation room, as soon as Commons leaves to acquire a visitor's badge, Butler uses Holly's camouflage foil to enter Blunt's room and threaten to kill him if he does not confess his crimes to the authorities. Showing his intense fear of Butler which has been obvious throughout the novel, Blunt begs and pleads, finally agreeing to turn himself in since prison is better than death. When Commons returns, he cannot believe that Blunt has decided to turn himself in on his own, but Butler promises him that he will not see Butler enter that room when he checks the security tapes, a promise that Butler can keep thanks to fairy magic.

This section contains 572 words
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