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Chapter 10 Summary

Artemis is meditating as the laser cuts through the ceiling, and Holly releases a line and reels him up. Checking the security feed and seeing eight guards on the floor, Holly notes that they need to get to Spiro before the guards change so they can scan his retina and thumb. Artemis looks guilty but refuses to explain despites Holly's threats about messing with her in the middle of the operation. Using the Neutrino to melt away the ceiling, Holly pops her head into Spiro's wardrobe and insets a Sleeper Deeper capsule which will replicate brain waves and ensure Spiro stays asleep. Holly and Artemis climb into Spiro's room and scan his retina, but Artemis confesses that they will need to cut Spiro's thumb off to use for the scanner, and though Holly angrily objects, Foaly agrees that it is the only way. Back near the vault, Artemis and Holly wait for Pex and Chips, who have been mesmerized not to see anyone out of the ordinary unless pointed out specifically, and then they engage their gathered data and technology to disable the locks, using their combined weight to fool the weight-sensitive scale at the door. While Holly rushes to restore Spiro's thumb, Artemis enters the vault and reaches for the C Cube. As she uses magic to heal Spiro's thumb, Holly realizes the magic extends to his face because he has had surgery; the man in Spiro's bed is not Spiro! Artemis does not respond when she tries to warn him. As Artemis reaches for the Cube in the vault, the false wall retracts to reveal Spiro and Blunt. Spiro explains that he used a double because he was curious about how far Artemis could get. He claims Artemis has been outwitted and insists on the boy opening the Cube, so Artemis rewires it to allow Foaly to guide Spiro. Delighted when the Cube scans for satellites monitoring the building, Spiro considers how he wants to use the C Cube now. Pex and Chips enter, noticing Artemis only when Spiro points him out, and suggest that he should get back at Phonetix by copying the schematics for all their projects in development. Unfortunately, the Cube must be on site to access Phonetix's closed system, but Spiro does not see this as a deterrent, despite Artemis's objections.

Parked across from the main entrance of Phonetix research and development laboratories, Blunt uses binoculars to verify the security guard is asleep. They enter the building, and the Cube access the lab and assures Spiro that it has wiped their patterns from the video. When Artemis calls the Cube a traitor, it suggests he made it too much like himself with the belief that gold is power. After the Cube downloads all Phonetix projects for the next decade, Blunt notes they have a problem as he watches the security video. Grabbing Artemis and asking what he has done, Spiro notes that the boy's eyes are different colors, and Artemis says the better to see him with as he smiles. Having flown to Phonetix with Holly to initiate Plan B after Artemis was captured, Juliet, the sleeping guard wakes and calls 911. There are no other guards, but Spiro does not realize that, thanks to Foaly's video feed. Spiro takes the contact from Artemis's eye and asks what it is, but Artemis says it was never here, as he was never here. Blunt directs Spiro's attention to the security feed, insisting he needs to see this. Donning a SWAT uniform, Juliet waits behind a pillar for the siren. Watching the security feed, Spiro sees his team breaking in with no sign of Artemis or the guards. He tried to smash the Cube, but Artemis tells him that it is nearly unbreakable. They are on tape, and the Cube was working for him all along. Spiro says they will just steal the security tapes, but Artemis points to the screen and says they will stop him. The security guards return to the front desk as Chicago PD arrives in force, and Juliet joins them as they head toward the lab. They cannot use the elevator, but Juliet ignores the captain's orders and jumps into the elevator shaft with a cable attached to her. Shocked as SWAT arrives, Spiro realizes it was a trap, and Artemis confirms it, stating that Pex and Chips were working for him without even knowing it. Spiro asks for Blunt's gun as Artemis insists he was never here. He also tells Spiro that he was right; Artemis is a girl's name generally, but some males earn the right because of their talent at hunting, as he hunted Spiro. Hovering at ceiling level, Holly listens to Spiro gloat and watches Artemis's progress, draping him with camouflage foil when he gives the signal as Spiro loses his mind. Spiro cannot believe that Artemis outsmarted him, and he starts shooting up the lab, swearing he will get Artemis back. Joining Holly, Juliet worries about Artemis since Spiro is shooting up the lab, so ignoring Holly, she opens the door to retrieve Artemis who quickly uses the Cube to hack into Spiro's bank accounts which total 2.8 billion which is enough to restore the Fowls to one of the five richest families in Ireland, but recalling his father's question about being a hero, Artemis takes 10% as a finder's fee and transfers the rest to Amnesty International. Counting on Foaly being too busy watching the show to notice him hacking into LEP, Artemis also changes Mulch's arrest records so he will not face prison time when he returns to the Lower Elements. Juliet enters the room, knocks Blunt out physically and uses Holly's mesmerizing key words to make Pex and Chips sleep. Spiro is not a threat as he continues gibbering as SWAT cuffs him. Holly keeps the foil wrapped around Artemis, and as Spiro tells the police he was set up, Artemis whispers that he should have never messed with a boy genius. Artemis, Holly and Juliet join Mulch where he parked across the street.

Chapter 10 Analysis

Chapter 10: Fingers and Thumbs resumes at the Spiro Needle as Holly cuts through Artemis Fowl's cell and rescues him. When he questions if Foaly is on their side, Foaly informs Artemis that he created a simulated Artemis for the video feed. As Holly urges Artemis to hurry, Artemis looks guilty but refuses to explain, foreshadowing the need to cut Spiro's thumb off to use for the scan. This foreshadowing is quickly fulfilled after Holly uses a Sleeper Deeper capsule to ensure Spiro stays asleep and Artemis confesses that using a latex memory bandage for the thumbprint will not work because they need a 3D thumbprint. Holly is furious that Artemis did not tell her, even though he reminds her that the thumb can be reattached. He did not tell her previously because he knew that she would not agree, and though she does not agree now, Artemis and Foaly both insist that it is the only way, so Holly cuts off Spiro's thumb and seals the wound. Artemis and Holly return to the eighty-fifth floor where six guards patrol with one pair always having a view of the vault door. They wait until Pex and Chips approach as they are seeing things differently since Holly mesmerized them not to see anyone out of the ordinary, unless the person is specifically pointed out, foreshadowing their confusion when Artemis is finally brought to their attention. Pex and Chips walk right past Artemis without noticing him. With 40 seconds until the next set of guards turn the corner, Holly disables the first and second locks using the retina scan and Spiro's voice from Foaly's recording equipment; however, when Artemis applies the thumb, the light flashes green but the door does not open. Realizing the plate on the floor is weight sensitive, Artemis pulls Holly next to him, their combined weigh enough to hoodwink the scales. He hands Spiro's thumb to Holly, warning that time is running out and promising to be right behind her or they go to Plan B, foreshadowing the need to revert to Plan B. Entering the vault, Artemis passes two men paralyzed by the gas in their oxygen tanks and reaches for the C Cube. Returning to Spiro's bedroom, Holly uses magic to reattach the thumb, but when her magic expands to the man's face, she realizes he has had plastic surgery; this is a double, not Jon Spiro! She tries to warn Artemis through the microphone, but he does not respond, foreshadowing Artemis's capture by Spiro.

Spiro and Blunt appear behind a false wall as Artemis reaches for the Cube. Spiro's cousin is his double, and Spiro set the scanner to accept his cousin's prints tonight because he wanted to see how far Artemis could get. Blunt confiscates Artemis's earpiece, and when Artemis warns him that Butler is coming, Spiro insists Artemis is messing with Blunt's mind. Insisting that Artemis has been outsmarted, Spiro insists he unlock the Cube, so Artemis removes the LEP blocker and reseals the Cube, claiming its new voice coding it more temperamental which is proven when Foaly's testy retorts start coming through the C Cube's speakers. Spiro is delighted when the Cube passes his test by providing information about the government satellite monitoring his building. Pex and Chip appear, and when Spiro asks how Artemis got past them, Artemis seems to appear out of thin air to them, fulfilling the earlier foreshadowing. They offer to dispose of him, but Spiro says they are expendable while Artemis is not. Noting that he has no heirs, Spiro plans to spend the last twenty years of his life taking everything he wants from this planet without caring what happens to it once he is gone. He is shocked when Pex and Chips come up with the great idea of sticking it to Phonetix who is working on a top-secret communicator. Spiro orders the Cube to access the Phonetix database and copy schematics for all projects in development, but the Cube insists it must be touching the system since Phonetix operates on a closed system, but the Cube has already disabled their alarms and dispensed gas to knock out the security guards. Artemis objects that this is a bad idea, but Spiro laughs, noting that is why he is bringing Artemis along. The intelligent idea coming from Pex and Chips, combined with Artemis's half-hearted objections indicate and foreshadow that this is Plan B.

Spiro and his drones enter the Phonetix building to pursue his plans. Artemis continues to play his role by insulting the Cube which insults him back, showing Foaly's opinion of Artemis. Blunt notes they have a problem while watching the security video, and when Spiro accuses Artemis, he notices the boy's oddly colored eyes. Meanwhile, Juliet alerts the police to the break-in at Phonetix and waits to join them. Spiro finds Artemis's camera contact lense, but he is distracted from furthering questioning by the video feed of SWAT entering the building. He does not understand how the security feed does not show Artemis with him, but Artemis insists he was never here, launching into a monologue about how he hunted Spiro, showing his own arrogance which is matched only by Spiro's. As all of this occurs, Holly and Juliet keep track of Artemis to ensure he is safe. Spiro goes crazy when Holly drapes camouflage foil over Artemis, making it seem like he disappears. Juliet cannot refrain from rushing to Artemis's rescue, showing her devotion to the family she guards. While transferring Spiro's money to his own account, Artemis decides to keep only 10% for himself while sending the rest to Amnesty International; through this action, he finally answers his father's question affirmatively as he decides to be a hero. While Spiro and his associates are arrested, Artemis, Holly and Juliet escape with the C Cube, indicating the successful completion of their mission.

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