The Eternity Code - Chapter 9 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 9 Summary

As Pex and Chips carry on a stupid discussion while forcing Mulch to dig a pit in a vacant lot behind an abandoned factory in the Malthouse Industrial Estate, Mulch mocks their stupidity and suggests they should bury him alive for insulting them. They comply though they feel bad about it, but Mulch tunnels his way out and joins Holly who flies them back to the Spiro Needle. As Blunt escorts Artemis to his cell, Artemis tells Blunt to hide because Butler is coming for him, causing Blunt to rush away. Artemis whispers to his team that everything is going according to plan, to expect a visit from Spiro's goons and that he believes they have recorded everything they need for the heist before telling them what he wants them to do next. As Pex and Chips are sent to investigate Juliet's van, Juliet hides her surveillance equipment as a precaution, but when Pex and Chips insist on seeing inside of her van, Juliet opens the door and knocks them unconscious. Meanwhile, Holly scans the Spiro Needle from the sky so they can construct 3-dimensional blueprints. She also calls Foaly and convinces him to help since they cannot do this without his technical genius.

After sending the footage for the 3D blueprints to Foaly, Holly returns to Juliet and Mulch to explain the plan and tell them that Foaly has agreed to help. Team 1, Juliet and Mulch, will burn their way through the wall of the eighty-fifth floor to go after the security and switch the vault guard's oxygen canisters while Team 2, Holly and Artemis, will retrieve the Cube. A bit later, Holly chides Juliet and Mulch for arguing, noting that they only have 55 minutes until the change of guards. With Juliet strapped to the Moonbelt on his waist and both of them covered in camouflage foil, Mulch climbs the wall of Spiro Needle to the eighty-fifth floor where he finds a room without a motion sensor. Using dwarf rock polish, he melts the window, but there is no way to disarm the camera. Juliet suggests hiding behind the foil, but Foaly appears on the screen on her wrist to tell her that the foil does not work on screen. Mulch unbuttons his bum flap and uses the wind from his gas to swing the camera 20 degrees so Juliet can clamp the video clip to the video cable, giving Foaly eyes and ears and allowing him to wipe moving patterns from the surveillance video so Juliet and Mulch will not be seen as long as they continue moving. Foaly informs them that there is only one person on the floor, the guard at the security desk; this is Juliet's job so she creeps to the security office and changes out the oxygen canister for one without oxygen. Hovering twenty feet about the Spiro Needle, Holly worries about how many variables play into this operation, and as soon as Mulch tells her the situation is a go, she descends to the helipad and punches in the access code. Foaly informs her that Artemis is on floor 84, the vault is on 85 and Spiro's penthouse is on the eighty-sixth floor, but all of these rooms have reinforced steel walls. Holly follows Foaly's directions to get to Artemis's cell and cuts through the wall.

Chapter 9 Analysis

Chapter 9: Ghosts in the Time Machine switches locations to a vacant lot in the Malthouse Industrial Estate in Southern Chicago where Pex and Chip prepare to dispose of Mulch. In a vacant lot in the Malthouse Industrial Estate in Southern Chicago, Pex and Chips bond as Mulch digs a pit behind an abandoned cement factory. The two bodyguards are not very bright. Mulch is tempted to deviate from the plan and escape through the soil, but Artemis has forbidden displays of fairy powers at this stage of the proceedings. Mulch mocks Pex and Chips for their stupidity, suggesting they should bury him alive for insulting them. The two bodyguards comply, feeling bad because they are sure Mulch regretted his disrespect at the end. Laughing at the clowns, Mulch tunnels out, using his gas to expel him four feet aboveground where Holly catches him, and they fly back to Spiro Needle. Artemis threatens Blunt with Butler as he is escorted to his cell. Artemis is anxious about his plan as his confidence has taken a pounding since Butler was hurt; he has to change, but as he recalls his father's question, he still does not have an answer. Instead, he focuses on the task of retrieving the C Cube. Though Spiro has some unforeseen security measures, Artemis has fairy technology on his side, and he still hopes Foaly will help. Artemis talks to his team about what is going on and gives them instructions on how to continue their plan.

Pex and Chips are happy that they have been given another assignment, to check out a black van parked near the main door. Juliet keeps her binoculars trained on the door to the Needle, bored by the stakeout. When two large men exit the building, she tells Holly they are on, refusing backup. Juliet turns off the radio, hides their surveillance equipment which shows she is prepared for the worst because she is a professional, and clambers onto the road through the rear window. As Chips prepares to rip the door from its hinges, a girl appears from around the hood, telling them her family went for sushi. Pex and Chips insist on seeing inside the van, so Juliet opens the door, knocking them both unconscious as soon as they release her. At the same time, Holly hovers about the Spiro Needle to take an x-ray scan so they can construct 3D blueprints. She also takes the opportunity to call Foaly to ask for advice, and when he reminds her that Commander Root forbade him from helping, Holly says Foaly probably cannot help anyway since Spiro's security is pretty advanced. Foaly knows she is trying to mess with his ego, so Holly confesses that the Needle is a fortress and they cannot get in without Foaly. Agreeing that they are sunk without him, Foaly agrees to keep a screen open for them but refuses to make any promises. Returning to Juliet and Mulch, Holly goes over the plan again which consists of Juliet and Mulch entering the Spiro Needle on the eighty-fifth floor to switch the vault guard's oxygen container, foreshadowing the vault guard being unresponsive when they break into the vault, while Holly will rescue Artemis so they can retrieve the C Cube. Mulch and Juliet work together to enter the building and change the oxygen canister. Aiding them, Foaly clears their presence from the security monitors so they are undetected. As soon as Mulch and Juliet inform Holly that they are done with their part, Holly uses the information gathered from Artemis's cameras to enter the building and make her way to Artemis's cell where she starts cutting through the wall.

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