The Eternity Code - Chapter 8 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 8 Summary

In his diary, Artemis notes the changes in his father who seems to be more light-hearted and wants to be a hero. He asks if Artemis will take the journey with him to become a hero, but Artemis does not respond because he does not know the answer. At Fowl Manor, Artemis emerges from the study after two hours with disks for Holly, Juliet and Mulch with his plans for their mission. He needs to give Butler's instructions verbally because he does not want Foaly to pick them up. Butler cannot accompany Artemis to Chicago, but he has an important task for him; Butler must hide data about the fairy people to revive their memories after the mind wipe. While plotting how to use the C Cube to rule the world, Spiro receives a call from Ireland through the C Cube. Mo Digence admits that he got rid of Loafers because the metal man was threatening the mark, Artemis, before putting Artemis on the phone. Artemis agrees to travel to Chicago to unlock the C Cube. Butler drives Artemis, Juliet, Holly and Mulch to the Dublin Airport from where Juliet flies the plane across the Atlantic, and as they near Chicago, Holly installs a microphone and a contact lense camera on Artemis. Though the lense is not the same color as Artemis's eyes, Artemis is sure he can come up with an excuse if Spiro notices. At O'Hare International Airport, Spiro collects Artemis, and though Butler assures him that no one else is on the plane, Spiro knows that they are somewhere because he does not believe Artemis has given up so easily. He warns Artemis that no one will be able to rescue him because the Spiro Needle has the best security in the world, plus he has the only copy of the building's blueprints. Artemis's surveillance equipment takes images for his team as Artemis is lead into the Spiro Needle and taken to the vault where Pex and Chips, two of Spiro's bodyguards, are ordered to dispose of Mulch. Spiro opens the door to the vault using his thumbprint, an eye scan and a voice recognition code, and the door opens to reveal the C Cube resting in a column in the center of the vault. Spiro brags about his security system, mocking Artemis when he sarcastically asks if Spiro expected him to arrive with his fairy friends to "bring them on because short of a miracle that Cube is staying right where it is" (page 183).

Meanwhile, Juliet and Holly circle Spiro Needle in a blacked-out minivan. As Artemis expected, Spiro plans to bury Mulch, and more importantly, he invited Artemis's friends inside, important since fairies are forbidden to enter a human building without an invitation, so now Holly can break in without violating fairy doctrine. When Pex and Chips exit Spiro Needle with Mulch, Holly follows in the air to ensure Mulch does not harm the humans, leaving Juliet to keep an eye on Artemis. Back in the vault, Spiro tells Artemis a story about an Irish boy who made the mistake of messing with a serious businessman who does not appreciate being messed with and messes back, asking if the boy will give the businessman what he wants or put himself and his family in mortal danger. Artemis agrees to do what Spiro wants, and Spiro tells him to disable the eternity code; however, Artemis claims it is not that simple since the eternity code was built to be irreversible and could take days to reconstruct the entire language. Spiro refuses to return to Ireland to get Artemis's notes on disk, but he tells Artemis to get a good night's sleep since tomorrow he will peel the Cube apart or suffer Mulch's fate.

Chapter 8 Analysis

Part 2: Counterattack begins with Chapter 8: Hooks, Lines and Sinkers which opens to Artemis Fowl's diary. Artemis's diary notes that Mr. Fowl has gained a tendency to joke and to impart philosophical wisdom instead of financial wisdom. He thought about his life while imprisoned and has decided to join the struggle to do the right thing and be a hero. Artemis worries that his father was affected by fairy magic as he explains that his priorities are now different, and he wants to be the hero that every father should be. When he asks if Artemis will take the journey with him, Artemis does not respond because he does not know the answer, and he still does not. This foreshadows Artemis eventually being able to answer his father's question. Meanwhile, Artemis provides Holly, Juliet and Mulch with his plans for the mission, foreshadowing their time in Chicago. Since Butler cannot accompany them, he sends him to hide fairy data in hopes of reviving his memories after the mind wipe. During dinner, Artemis explains that no one has the entire plan since it is safer that way, and after Holly assures him that they have all the equipment he requested, he announces that it is time to get started. At the Spiro Needle, Jon Spiro thinks about his many responsibilities and how the C Cube could answer his prayers by allowing him to rule the world. Blunt arrives and explains what happened with Butler and the grenade, but in the midst of Spiro's lecture, the C Cube asks for Spiro, saying that Ireland is calling. The voice belongs to Mo Digence, the monkey, who says the kid told him to call after he saw what Mo did to the metal man who was acting crazy and waving his gun around. Asking to talk to Artemis, Spiro threatens to have Mulch put Artemis out of his misery if Spiro does not get what he wants; however, when Artemis claims Spiro will have to bring the Cube to him to unlock it, Spiro insists Artemis can unlock the Cube at Spiro Needle, offering to let Artemis go if he does this right. Mulch promises to deliver Artemis safely, and after hanging up, Spiro laughs at Artemis for being so gullible that he believes Spiro might really let him go. At Fowl Manor, the group believes that Spiro bought Artemis's story. Butler drives them to the Dublin Airport, warning Juliet that Spiro is dangerous. Artemis hates to go without Butler, but he is sure the plan will work since he is a genius. Juliet pilots the jet across the Atlantic, and with thirty minutes until landing, Holly sets Artemis up with a microphone and a fairy camera which is a contact lense. They realize the lense is the wrong color, but Artemis assures the others that he will come up with an excuse if Spiro notices. This foreshadows Spiro noticing Artemis's mismatched eyes. Holly hopes that Artemis has not met his match in Jon Spiro. The first half of this chapter alternates quickly between Spiro and Artemis, showing how each plot against the other and are certain that they can outsmart their nemesis, leaving the reader to draw their own conclusions or simply wait to see who will come out ahead in this dangerous battle of wits.

Spiro is waiting for Artemis in a private hangar at the O'Hare International Airport. Holly hides and Juliet claims that she just serves drinks as Butler checks the plane, but Spiro still insists that Artemis has people here somewhere as he knows that there is no way that Artemis was suckered by a goon like Blunt. Artemis objects that he is here because of Mulch's threats, and Spiro warns him that he is in over his head as Spiro Needle has the best security on the planet so no one will be able to rescue Artemis. Artemis nods, though he does not agree since he has stuff that humans have never seen. Spiro's helicopter takes them to Spiro Needle, and when Artemis talks to the pilot, Spiro warns Artemis that he has the only copy of the building's blueprints, a fact that Artemis already knew after running several searches. Artemis's contact-camera zooms in as Spiro unlocks the key-coded door allowing them to take the elevator to the eighty-fifth floor where Dr. Pearson waits with two bodyguards, Chips and Pex. Spiro sends Chips and Pex to kill Mulch. In the antechamber before the vault room, Artemis is scanned for bugs and one is found in his jacket, but Artemis is relieved that Spiro found the decoy and not the real bugs. Artemis and his team learn about Spiro's security system as he opens the vault to access the C Cube, foreshadowing Artemis being able to access the vault without Spiro's cooperation. While keeping watch from a van outside of the Spiro Needle, Holly is relieved when Spiro sarcastically invites all of Artemis's fairy friends to come inside since she can now enter without violating fairy doctrine which dictates that fairies cannot enter a human building without an express invitation from the owner. For the time being, she follows Mulch as Pex and Chips lead him to his death. Back inside the building, Spiro continues to mock Artemis for coming against him. Spiro makes a mistake by toying with Artemis because he cannot imagine that a thirteen-year-old is a threat, but Artemis is dressed casually and playing innocent to encourage Spiro's misconception. Artemis agrees to disable the eternity code, gaining himself the night before Spiro will force him to work on it. When Spiro threatens Artemis with Mulch's fate, Artemis is unconcerned by the threat, knowing that Mulch is not in trouble, and if anyone is, it's Spiro's two bodyguards.

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