The Eternity Code - Chapter 7 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 7 Summary

The group holds a conference with Foaly and Commander Root on the monitors, and Artemis explains that Holly is here because he tricked her, but they have a serious situation. Foaly interjects that they are involved because Artemis pinged them, but Holly explains the situation, adding that they have detained one of Spiro's employees who they should relocate instead of performing a simple mind wipe, an idea that Foaly supports. Holly and Foaly tell Root about the C Cube and how Spiro is determined to learn its technology and is not particular about how he gets the information. As Root complains about the risk he is taking and how much trouble he will be in, Artemis explains the danger of Spiro using the C Cube's technology for the real world and for the fairies, so deciding that they cannot risk Spiro activating another probe, Root announces he will organize a Retrieval team. Holly objects that could lead to disaster, so Root gives her 48 hours, allowing Mulch to help in exchange for dropping some of Mulch's charges, though Mulch is still facing five to ten years for the bullion robbery. Root's condition is that they will wipe Artemis's mind after the job, and Foaly adds that they will do a fine-tune wipe so they only erase his knowledge of the fairies. Though knowledge of the fairy people is a big part of Artemis's psychological makeup, he agrees because he can no longer risk people's lives. Holly drops Loafers off in Kenya where he is surprised to wake with no knowledge of who he is, but he has an overwhelming desire to accompany several natives to their village and lead a productive life. Holly tells Foaly that Loafers has successfully been relocated with no sign of his original personality before returning to Ireland.

Chapter 7 Analysis

Chapter 7: The Best-laid Plans begins with a consultation between Foaly, Root, Artemis and Holly. Artemis explains to Commander Root that he tricked Holly into being here, and Foaly adds that Artemis is the one who pinged them, clarifying the source of their potential security risk and instigating Root's renewed anger at Artemis. Holly suggests relocating Loafers, foreshadowing the decision to do just that. They tell Root about the C Cube and the dangers of Spiro learning its technology, so Root agrees to organize a Retrieval team, a measure Holly considers dangerous. Because of Holly's objections, Root agrees to give her two days to get things under control, even granting Mulch permission to help in exchange for dropping several of Mulch's charges, foreshadowing Mulch avoiding jail with Artemis's help. His condition that Artemis must submit to a mind wipe after the mission shows that Root is tired of Artemis interfering with fairy politics, and it also foreshadows the mind wipe that takes place at the end of the novel. Artemis agrees because he does not want to continuing endangering the lives of others, showing that he has grown and has begun to care about other people. Root warns Holly to be careful because her career will not survive another blow and he tells Mulch to prepare for prison before terminating the link, foreshadowing the gravity of the situation and Holly and Mulch's determination to succeed in retrieving the C Cube. West of Wajir, Kenya, Loafers wakes with a debilitating headache and no knowledge of who or where he is. All of his tattoos are gone. He sees two men running, and as he cries out for help, he is stunned to realize he speaks perfect Swahili. He wants to go to their village with them, surprised by his desire to live a productive life, and the men agree. From the air, Holly informs Foaly that the relocation is complete; Loafers has been adopted successfully and shows no signs of his original personality. She returns to Ireland.

This section contains 643 words
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