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Chapter 6 Summary

According to Artemis Fowl's diary, he worries about how magic has changed his father so he visits his father in the middle of the night. His father informs Artemis that he will return to school and allow his father to focus on the family business, but he also claims that the Fowls will become honest and honorable. Artemis still plans to attend his meeting with Spiro, thinking nothing can go wrong since Butler will be with him. At Fowl Manor, Butler is surprised to wake at home with Artemis next to him. Artemis explains how he restored Butler's life but also shows him a mirror, causing Butler to ask how long he was out. On the way to Ireland, Mulch instigates arguments with Loafers, trying to undermine the mission by driving the metal man crazy. As they drive toward Fowl Manor, Mulch assures himself that Artemis will come up with a solutions, and he leaves Loafers in the car while he goes to break into the house. As Artemis talks to Butler about his plan to retrieve the C Cube, Mulch appears and tells them about Spiro's kidnapping scheme. Unfortunately, Mulch turns his microphone on by accident, allowing Loafers to hear his turncoat conspiracy. When Loafers enters the house, Mulch claims he was trying to trick Artemis so he could gain his confidence, but Loafers heard the entire conversation and cannot be fooled. Artemis offers to return to Chicago with Loafers if he does not hurt the others, but fortunately, Juliet enters the room, disables Loafer's weapon and knocks him out.

Chapter 6 Analysis

Chapter 6: Assault on Fowl Manor begins with an excerpt from Artemis Fowl's diary before returning to Fowl Manor in Ireland. Artemis's diary entry notes that he is happy that his father regained consciousness, but he worries about how magic has changed Mr. Fowl. Needing to speak to him alone, he has Butler escort him to the hospital at 3 A.M. Mr. Fowl knows that Artemis has been very active in his absence, but he insists that things need to change as he wants Artemis to reclaim his childhood by returning to school and leaving the family business to his father. Mr. Fowl is no longer focused on greed, and he insists the Fowls will now be associated with honesty and honor; still, Artemis decides to proceed with his meeting with Jon Spiro, thinking that Butler will be with him so what could possibly go wrong? This shows irony since the reader knows that Artemis's meeting with Jon Spiro did go badly, despite Butler's presence. Butler wakes, surprised to be alive, but he wonders how long he was out when he sees his image in a mirror, indicating how drastically he has aged from the healing. Aboard a transatlantic Boeing 747, Mulch decides that the best way to undermine the mission is to antagonize Loafers until he goes crazy, so he questions Loafer about his tattoos, thinking this is almost too easy since the metal man is already half crazed. He continues to harass Loafers at Dublin Airport by telling the customs official that they are actors performing in "Snow White" and Loafers was born to play Dopey. Loafer's threats lead to being detained for over three hours, and when Mulch threatens to call Carla if Loafers cannot control himself, Loafers notices Mulch's smiles which speak of scary, hidden talents that Loafers would prefer stay hidden. As Mulch drives, Loafers calls an old associate who leave a weapon behind the exit sign near Fowl Manor. Mulch coaxes Loafer into revealing more about the mission than he should, and he appeases his nervousness with the thought that Artemis will know what to do. He objects to stopping for supplies, claiming he has broken into Fowl Manor before, and plans to break in and come back for Loafers. Mulch parks outside of Fowl Manor's boundary wall and warns Loafers to stay put until he retrieves him, foreshadowing Mulch's intention of warning Artemis of Spiro's kidnapping plan.

After shaving, Butler realizes he can no longer guard Artemis because everything is different, but Artemis assures him that he plans to focus on his education after dealing with Spiro, showing his loyalty as he tries to comfort Butler. He also has a plan to retrieve the C Cube and neutralize Jon Spiro if Holly agrees to help. Artemis is happy to see Mulch when Butler spots him on the security monitors, indicating that they truly are friends, and Mulch explains the situation, accidentally activating the microphone on his shirt as he eats a sandwich. Meanwhile, Loafer's headphones turns on as Mulch tells Artemis how he plans to save him, so Loafer heads to the house and enters it through the delivery door. When Loafers aims at Mulch, Mulch claims he was trying to gain Artemis's confidence, but Loafers informs him that his microphone was on. Though Artemis is not in immediate danger, it is time to negotiate because he needs to save Mulch so he informs Loafers that he will only agree to help if Loafers does not harm Mulch, and Loafers mockingly agrees not to harm anyone. Butler enters the room, but he is not well enough to save the situation. Artemis suggests tying Butler and Mulch together and leaving them here while Loafers returns to Chicago with Artemis, but Loafers mocks his attempts at creating a delay. Loafers notices a girl approach from behind and tells her to stand with the others, not noticing when she grabs his pistol's slide and twists it from the stock, so he continues his threats without realizing his weapon is useless until Juliet knocks him unconscious. Mulch guesses that Juliet is Butler's sister, and Butler happily hugs her.

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