The Eternity Code - Chapter 5 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 5 Summary

At the Spiro Needle in Chicago, Jon Spiro is extremely excited about the potential of the C Cube, but shortly after learning that Artemis is still alive, he also learns from the head of his technical department that the Cube is encrypted by an eternity code which is impossible to break without its creator. Spiro turns to Carla Frazetti, the liaison between him and the head of the Chicago mob, who tells him she will hire a monkey to break into Fowl Manor and a metal man to kidnap Artemis. Carla goes to the Inkblot Tattoo Parlor to tell Loafers that he has a new assignment which requires him going to Ireland, and then, they go to pick up the monkey, Mo Digence, a new guy working for the mob. Mo has been working for the mob since his Los Angeles accounts were frozen, but he is really Mulch Diggums, a thieving dwarf who is hiding from the LEP. Carla and Loafers arrive at Mulch's house and tells him he has a job in Ireland. Though Carla will not tell Mulch about the target, she shows him a picture of the house he will need to access, Fowl Manor, and Mulch recognizes it immediately, realizing that Loafers is supposed to kidnap Artemis Fowl. Mulch talks about the difficulty of the setup to hide his discomfort, but he knows he must accept the job or they will just send someone else; he cannot let that happen because Artemis saved his life during the goblin rebellion and is the closest thing Mulch has to a friend, so he must take the job to ensure it does not go according to plan.

Chapter 5 Analysis

Chapter 5: The Metal Man and the Monkey moves to a new setting, the Spiro Needle in Chicago as it focuses on Jon Spiro and his lackeys. Jon Spiro is too excited by the C Cube to sleep, as is Dr. Pearson, the head of his technical staff. Unfortunately, after six hours, Dr. Pearson informs Spiro that the C Cube is useless. Though it has enormous potential, it is encrypted by an unbreakable code programmed to Artemis's voice. Spiro is already agitated because he has learned that Artemis is still alive, but when Pearson says it would be easier to break Artemis than the code, Spiro dismisses Pearson who avoids looking at the dangerous woman in the room, Carla Frazetti, the liaison between Spiro and Spatz Antonelli, the two most powerful men in Chicago. This foreshadows Spiro's decision to have Artemis kidnapped. Spiro tells Carla that they have a problem, but she says they just need to nab Artemis. Spiro warns that Fowl Manor is a fortress, but Carla insists her job is to outsource the job; they will need a metal man, muscle with a gun, and a monkey, someone to get into hard-to-reach places. She already knows the guys and guarantees Spiro that they are the best. Loafers McGuire is having a tattoo done at the Inkblot Tattoo Parlor in downtown Chicago as he does after every job. Loafers moved to Chicago from Ireland because he wanted to join the mob, and two years later, he has become Antonelli's top metal man. Carla enters and informs Loafers that she needs to send him to Ireland immediately, but first, they need to pick up his "brother". As Carla and Loafers take a limo to the East Side, Carla explains that the monkey is a new guy, Mo Digence, who is even shorter than Loafers. Mo Digence was rich in Los Angeles a few months ago, but the police froze his accounts, so he is working on commission for the Chicago mob. Mo is actually Mulch Diggums, a kleptomaniac dwarf and fugitive from the LEP, having spent 300 years in and out of prison. He has been passing himself off as human since he stole gold bars from Holly's ransom fund, and he lives in a basement apartment which allows him to get belowground quickly if the LEP comes calling. Carla knocks on Mulch's door and enters with another man. She explains that she has a special job which carries a painful payoff if it is done incorrectly. Mulch will open the doors, and Loafers will escort the mark back to Chicago. Mulch's discomfort when he recognizes the picture of Fowl Manor foreshadows the fact that he knows Artemis which is quickly fulfilled. Furthmore, Mulch considers Artemis to be the closest thing he has to a friend, so he agrees to take the job as a means of saving Artemis. Mulch assures Carla that he can handle the job, causing Loafers to grip him up when he says to worry about the metal man. As Carla and Loafers leave the apartment to allow Mulch to pack, Mulch considers fleeing since such a selfless act is totally against his nature and the last thing he needs right now is a conscience.

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