The Eternity Code - Chapter 4 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 4 Summary

In Sfax, Tunisia in North Africa, Juliet Butler is in the final step of her training: field simulation in a foreign environment. Madame Ko chose Sfax for Juliet's final assessment with the duty of leading her Principal through the busy market, and Madame Ko acts as Juliet's surrogate Principal. Madame Ko tries to distract Juliet with conversation, but Juliet follows her Principal, observing her surroundings. When Ahmed, a carpet seller, tries to convince Juliet to look at his stock, she is forced to throw him into a nearby stall and rush to find her Principal. She finds Madame Ko in a clearing where she is being assaulted by three men, and though they seem unarmed, Juliet does not have a weapon either so she must improvise and try something unorthodox since the men can obviously defeat her in regular combat. She swings on a clothesline and drops clothes on the men, but as she helps Madame Ko to her feet, she finds a knife at her throat and realizes the woman is a decoy. Madame Ko steps forward from the shadows and informs Juliet that both she and her Principal are dead. Juliet should have incapacitated the merchant immediately, and when Juliet claims she cannot just kill innocent people, Madame Ko points out that this is why Juliet is not ready; she has the skill but lacks focus and resolve so she will have to try taking the test again in a year. Madame Ko receives a phone call from Artemis Fowl who claims that Domovoi needs Juliet. Juliet is distraught as she realizes that her brother would not reveal his name to Artemis unless the situation is dire. Madame Ko objects to Juliet leaving because she is not ready, but she agrees when Juliet pleads, and Juliet rushes off.

Chapter 4 Analysis

Chapter 4 begins in Sfax, Tunisia in North Africa where the story introduces and focuses on Butler's younger sister, Juliet who attends Madame Ko's bodyguard training camp. Eighteen years old, she is not the average teenage girl. Her older brother, Domovoi, began training her when she was four years old, and by the age of eight, Juliet was a third-degree black belt in seven disciplines. She spends half of her years with Angeline Fowl and the other half in Madame Ko's camp where she is the first Butler female and the fifth female ever to be enrolled. She is currently taking her final exam, practicing field simulation in a foreign environment with Madame Ko acting as her Principal. When a merchant distracts Juliet, she loses sight of her Principal, but when she finds Madame Ko being assaulted by three men, Juliet manages to defeat them. Unfortunately, the woman she saves is a decoy instead of Madame Ko, and she presses a knife to Juliet's throat as Madame Ko appears and tells Juliet that she has failed. She defeated the men because fortune was with her, but fortune is not good enough in this business. As Madame Ko lectures Juliet about her lack of willingness to immediately dispatch the merchant, she receives a phone call from Artemis Fowl alerting her that Domovoi needs Juliet. Realizing her brother's life is in danger if not gone as he would never reveal his first name to his Principal otherwise, Juliet acquires Madame Ko's permission and rushes off to Ireland, foreshadowing her involvement with Artemis's scheme to retrieve the C Cube from Jon Spiro.

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