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Chapter 3 Summary

As Butler evaluates the dangers in the kitchen in Knightsbridge, he is ashamed when he realizes he left Artemis unguarded, so he rushes from the kitchen just as Blunt fires his gun, giving Butler just enough time to jump in front of Artemis, taking a fatal bullet a half-inch below his heart. Determined to save Artemis, he fires six time at Blunt, clipping Blunt's temple but knowing that he is in no condition to fulfill his contract and must leave Artemis alone, though Artemis is not just a Principal but his only true friend. Artemis is injured from being thrown into the dessert cart, and he praises Butler's shooting when he sees Blunt unconscious on the floor; however, when he realizes that Butler is bleeding, he represses the instinct to hold his friend and cry, knowing it is time for quick thinking. After telling Artemis goodbye, Butler's hand drops, and he is gone. Recalling how Holly Short saved Butler when he nearly died last year, Artemis realizes that time is the enemy which he must stop while he figures out how to contact the fairies. Determined to expand Butler's time, Artemis arranges to rent a cryogenics mobile unit for the night, giving him time to contact the fairies. At Stonehenge in Southern England, Holly arrives on the surface and straps on her wings, activating her shield so she is invisible. She is happy to be aboveground again, despite the situation, because she was born to do Recon. After situating Butler in Ice Age Cryogenics' mobile unit, Artemis promises that Butler will gone by morning, but first, he must make a special phone call. While flying over London, Holly receives a call from Foaly telling her that a call was recently made from a cryogenics institute in London that contained a string of words related to fairies, though it made no sense. Though Holly suspects it is a false alarm, she takes the coordinates and heads to Ice Age Cryogenics.

While waiting in hopes that the fairies will arrive, Artemis thinks about how the fairies healed his father and his fears that the healing magic would affect his father's mind; however, when his father hugs him and notes that Artemis has become a young man, Artemis forgets all of his plots and schemes because he finally has a father again. Artemis's reminiscences are interrupted when Holly arrives. After Artemis tells her what has happened, she claims that she cannot help Butler, but when they call Foaly, he agrees to help, warning that the effects could be catastrophic. Leaving Artemis outside, Holly heals Butler, but the Kevlar from his vest integrated with his skin which will make it difficult for him to breathe, and he has aged nearly fifteen years. While he waits for Holly to heal Butler, Artemis thinks about how his father became concerned with family once he woke. He even told Artemis that he plans for the Fowls to leave the criminal empire because gold and power are not all-important, but Artemis doubts the Fowls can ever become a normal family as his father wants. When Holly tells Artemis that Butler is alive, Artemis is relieved as he rushes into the mobile unit, but when he realizes that Butler seems to have aged significantly, Foaly suggests this happened because the healing used some of Butler's life force because Holly's magic was not enough to restore his life. When Holly claims she needs to return to her mission, Artemis asks if something got past Foaly's defenses, so Holly flies Artemis and Butler to Fowl Manor in Ireland. Artemis explains everything that happened with Jon Spiro, and Foaly notes that Spiro will eventually learn about the People since they cannot deflect their own technology, and he cannot sees such a shady person allowing them to live in harmony, so they need to retrieve the C Cube. Artemis assures them that they have some time because the C Cube is encrypted with an eternity code; still, the information is not useless as it will lead Spiro's research team in interesting directions. Yet, he knows there is no need to search for Spiro because he is certain that Spiro will search for Artemis to unlock the full potential of the C Cube once he learns that Artemis is still alive. When Holly notes that a team of hit men could come at any time and it would be helpful to have someone like Butler, Artemis informs her that there is more than one Butler in the family as he picks up the wall phone.

Chapter 3 Analysis

Chapter 3: On Ice returns to the restaurant in Knightsbridge, London where the sonic blast from Butler's grenade destroyed the kitchen, and as he evaluates the threats, Butler thinks of his sensei Madame Ko's two maxims which he has broken: he left his Principal, Artemis, unguarded and he has developed an emotional attachment to his Principal. Ashamed, he rushes from the kitchen as Blunt explains that he always wears earplugs, and as he fires at Artemis, Butler jumps in front of the bullet without hesitation, allowing it to penetrate his Kevlar vest and enter his chest a half-inch below his heart, a fatal wound. This demonstrates Butler's loyalty and professionalism while foreshadowing Artemis's goal to save his beloved bodyguard. Furthermore, Butler ensures that Blunt is incapacitated before allowing him to lose consciousness. Artemis is proud of his bodyguard's shooting abilities, but when he realizes that Butler has been shot, he is distraught and begins searching his brain for a solution. He cannot repress his tears as Butler tells him goodbye, revealing his first name, Domovoi, something he would never reveal unless it no longer mattered. Butler tells Artemis goodbye and dies, foreshadowing the need for something inhuman to save the bodyguard, and this foreshadowing is immediately furthered and clarified as Artemis recalls how Holly Short saved Butler's life last year. Deciding that cryogenics is the only chance, he carts Butler to the freezer, fleeing before the police arrive. At Harrods, he calls Detective Inspector Justin Barre of the New Scotland Yard and convinces him to keep the police away from the freezer at En Fin, and Barre agrees to make sure Artemis has time to retrieve whatever is in the freezer at 6:30. Artemis turns to Ice Age Cryogenics as it is the only cryogenics center in the city with free units. He convinces Dr. Lane to rent him a chamber for one night, assuring her that no one will be hurt. Meanwhile, Holly reaches the surface at Stonehenge; she is happy to be aboveground again. In Knightsbridge, nearly two hours after Butler was shot, Artemis uses Ice Age's mobile unit to retrieve Butler. Barre is upset by Butler's apparent death, and he promises to try to catch Blunt after Artemis explains what has happened. Dr. Lane injects Butler with glucose, but Artemis forbids her from lowering his body temperature, promising he will be fine in a few hours. Dr. Lane objects that current medical practices cannot heal Butler's injury, yet Artemis instructs her to park the unit outside and forget about it, promising Butler will be gone in the morning. First, he asks to use her phone for a very special call, foreshadowing Artemis's attempt to contact the fairies. This foreshadowing is soon fulfilled when Foaly contacts Holly to send her to Ice Age Cryogenics because he intercepted a strange phone call laced with keywords relating to the fairies.

Meanwhile, Artemis leans against the mobile unit hoping the fairies will not hold his past crimes against him since they parted as friends. He cannot help but be reminded of waiting for his father to regain consciousness in Helsinki so he could see what fairy magic could do to help him. This shows Artemis's fear of what the healing may do to Butler, foreshadowing that it may not go exactly as planned. An excerpt from Artemis's diary explains that two months after Holly used healing magic on his father, his father spoke to him for the first time in over two years. Artemis worries about how the fairy magic will affect his father's mind, and he is scared to see his father when he finally wakes, worried that they will not live up to one another's expectations. At Ice Age, Artemis's memories are interrupted when he notices a Recon fairy nearby, and as he explains that he is a friend of the People and needs help, Holly cuts him off because she knows who he is. When she asks about Butler, Artemis's expression clarifies the reason for his call. He explains what happened, but Holly says she cannot heal Butler because he is long gone. They call Foaly who agrees to help but warns that the effects could be catastrophic. Holly forces Artemis to leave her alone with Butler in the mobile unit. Following Foaly's directions, she heals Butler who will remain unconscious for several more days, but Foaly warns that some of the Kevlar from Butler's vest replicated and will slow his breathing. There is also hair sprouting from his face, and Holly notes that Artemis will not like this, foreshadowing Butler's rapid aging as a result of the healing magic. Pacing as he waits, Artemis recalls how different his father was when he woke. His diary entry explains that his father was concerned with spending time with his family and even joked with the doctors after he woke, something very unusual for the stern businessman. Mr. Fowl further tells Artemis that he has reassessed his priorities and wants his family to leave the criminal empire because gold and power are not all-important, revealing the extent of his mental changes as a result of the fairy healing. Artemis questions if the Fowls can become a normal family.

Artemis is yanked from his memories, back to the present, by a commotion in the mobile unit, but he does not panic since he has seen healings before. After the magical storm subsides, Holly emerges and tells Artemis that Butler is alive, claiming she did the best she could. Artemis rushes into the unit, and though he is relieved that Butler is alive, he notices that Butler now has gray hair and seems to have aged ten years in several hours. Foaly suggests this happened because Holly's magic was not enough so the healing used about fifteen years of Butler's life force. Holly says that Artemis has no time to questions his actions because he must leave with Butler so she can return to her mission. Artemis asks if something got past Foaly's defenses, insinuating that he has something to do with LEP being pinged, so Holly decides they should talk in private. Holly flies Artemis and Butler to Fowl Manor in Ireland where she asks Artemis to explain himself after putting Butler in bed. Artemis tells Holly about his business meeting with Jon Spiro and his offer to suppress revolutionary technology for a price, even admitting how he acquired the technology. The C Cube pinged them unintentionally. When Foaly notes that Spiro will eventually learn about the fairy people and does not seem the type of person to leave them in peace, Holly snidely remarks that Spiro sounds a lot like Artemis. Foaly says they need to call off the lockdown and retrieve the Cube before Spiro unlocks its secrets. Artemis calms Foaly and Holly by informing them that he encrypted the C Cube with an eternity code that is impossible to break without his aid, and furthermore, he is sure that Spiro will search for him to unlock the Cube once he learns Artemis is alive; this foreshadows Spiro's attempt to find and kidnap Artemis to unlock the C Cube. Since Artemis's life could be in danger, Artemis informs Holly that there is more than one Butler in the family as he picks up the phone, foreshadowing his call to Juliet Butler and her ensuing assistance with the retrieval of the C Cube.

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