The Eternity Code - Chapter 2 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 2 Summary

The C Cube's can unintentionally breaches the surveillance technology in the Lower Elements, where the fairies dwell underground. This causes a citywide lockdown, and after subduing her current prisoners, Captain Holly Short rushes to Police Plaza. Mr. Foaly, a centaur in charge of their technology, enters with an armful of disks, explaining that he advised Chairman Cahartez to initiate the lockdown on the basis of these readings; they have been pinged, meaning they have been detected by a human. Foaly does not know who since the pinge only lasted several seconds, was untraceable and had no recognizable signature; however, it downloaded information from all of their surveillance cameras. It came from nowhere, and Foaly has no knowledge of this kind of technology so he is unsure whether it is human. He suggests that the best-case scenario is that this person can learn all about their civilization and do whatever he wants with them. Commander Root summons Holly to his office, explaining that the signal originated in London, so he wants Holly to go topside and wait so they have someone on site ready to go in case they get pinged again.

Chapter 2 Analysis

Chapter 2: Lockdown changes locations to Haven City where the fairies live. This chapter serves to introduce two important characters in this novel: Holly and Foaly. In Haven City, the Lower Elements, the Cube's scan for surveillance has far-reaching repercussions, though Artemis does not intend this. The probes reach deep underground to the Lower Elements. Captain Holly Short is helping with Operation Mop-Up since the recent goblin uprising, and she and Corporal Grub Kelp are escorting four rowdy goblin hoods to Police Plaza for processing when every light in the city goes out. The magnastrip's power also fails, leaving them stranded in the middle of the frozen highway. Since the only reasons for a citywide lockdown are flood, quarantine or discovery by humans, Holly knows this must be related to humans. Because she is not using a regulation vehicle, she is not cleared for emergency powers. The goblins try to burn their way out of the car, so Holly fires into the fire extinguisher which eliminates the threat. She then leaves Grub in charge of the prisoners so she can rush to headquarters. Police Plaza is packed with curious citizens, but Holly forces her way to the situation room where the captains are all gathered, along with three regional commanders and all seven Council members. After Foaly explains that they have been pinged, he sends Holly to the surface to be prepared to find and intercept the source of the ping should it happen again. As Commander Root warns that the future of their civilization could depend on her presence, Holly feels the weight of responsibility settling on her shoulders.

This section contains 467 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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