The Eternity Code - Chapter 1 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 1 Summary

In Knightsbridge, London, Artemis looks forward to his seafood lunch as he waits for his business contact to arrive while his bodyguard, Butler, inspects the restaurant for potential dangers. After Artemis orders his lunch, Jon Spiro enters with his security guard, Arno Blunt. Jon insists on getting down to business immediately, so Artemis presents him with a blue cube which reveals a screen and speakers when he pushes a button, and Artemis explains "this little box can read any information on absolutely any platform, electronic or organic" (page 10). The C Cube, named because it sees everything, will render all other technology obsolete as it is decades ahead of its time. Spiro asks for a test, but as Artemis scans for surveillance beams, he realizes that the fairy technology is picking up LEP technology belowground and will need to be remedied lest it fall into the wrong hands. Artemis offers to keep the C Cube off the market for a year to allow Spiro sell his stocks, but Spiro decides to take the Cube now, ignoring Artemis's warning that he will not be able to unlock it. Spiro exits with the Cube, leaving Blunt behind to kill Artemis and Butler and also informing them that the restaurant's customers are all hired assassins. Artemis cannot believe that he is going to die, but luckily, Butler engages the grenade attached to the underside of the table, exploding and knocking the assassins unconscious. While Butler checks the kitchen to ensure that Artemis is safe, Blunt appears, announcing he always wears earplugs before a potential fire fight and that he will kill Artemis and then Butler. He aims and fires.

Chapter 1 Analysis

Part 1: Attack begins with Chapter 1: The Cube which opens in Knightsbridge, London as Artemis prepares for his business meeting with Jon Spiro. Butler, his bodyguard, reminds him to wear earplugs, and when Artemis objects that this is a legal business meeting in daylight, Butler argues that assassins like to catch their targets unaware and Jon Spiro is a powerful man who may have many enemies. This precaution foreshadows the danger that Artemis is in by meeting with Spiro, though the source of that danger is unexpected. When Spiro and Blunt arrive, Artemis shows them the C Cube, a super computer years ahead of its time because it was created using fairy technology. Spiro asks how a thirteen-year-old boy came upon such technology, but Artemis simply answers that he is a smart boy since he cannot admit that he build it using components of fairy technology. Spiro asks Artemis to scan for surveillance beams directed at the building as a test, but Artemis quickly mutes the Cube as it picks up on Lower Elements technology, knowing he will have to remedy that situation or the Cube could lead humans to the fairies if it falls in the wrong hands. When Spiro asks Artemis's price, Artemis says there is not enough money in the world for him to sell it; he is offering to keep the Cube off the market for a year to allow Spiro to sell his stocks before they crash and invest in Fowl Industries for the cost of one metric ton in gold. Spiro threatens to take the Cube now, but Artemis warns him that the technology is beyond anything his engineers have ever seen, plus it is coded to Artemis's voice. Spiro is infuriated when Artemis mocks his team of engineers since they are years behind Phonetix, Spiro's biggest competitor who constantly beats his company; this foreshadows Phonetix's importance in Artemis's scheme to retrieve the C Cube. Spiro announces that he needs to leave before the CIA tracks him, but he leaves Blunt behind. Realizing the situation is not going according to plan, Artemis reminds Spiro that they are in a public place, but Spiro says he likes Artemis, but the boy does not have the guts to kill anyone. He also tells Butler that Blunt is not his only defense, and when he snaps his fingers and every customer in En Fin draws a weapon, Artemis realizes how much trouble he is in, although he is furious since he has never before been outsmarted by another human. Pocketing the Cube, Spiro mocks Artemis for having a girl's name before leaving, which later comes into play when Artemis defeats Spiro's schemes with his own. Artemis tries to convince the group to come to an arrangement, but Butler shushes him, informing him they are professionals and cannot be bargained with. Blunt announces that they will kill Artemis and Butler, refusing Butler's offer of a one-on-one battle because the deal is that he will shoot Butler who will die. Artemis cannot believe he is going to die. While attaching a silencer to his pistol, Butler utters the code for the fairy sonix grenade which is magnetized to the underside of the table which explodes, shattering windows and throwing people into walls. Butler folds Artemis into his arms to protect him as all the assassins go down, showing his loyalty and devotion to his Principal. Unfortunately, while Butler is checking the kitchen for any other dangers, Blunt stands, having protected himself with earplugs, and he aims his gun at Artemis, foreshadowing that Blunt is going to shoot Artemis.

This section contains 880 words
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