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Cinda Williams Chima
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Hanalea is considered the savior of her people, and a saint to all who know the story of the Breaking. It is a time of great chaos between the clans, the royal family, and the wizards which escalates to such a degree that the world is almost lost in the process. As a result of a wizard named Waterlow, who is also known as the Demon King, the world very nearly breaks in half. Waterlow is killed and Hanalea is able to negotiate the Naeming - an agreement that balances the powers between clan, wizards, and the royal family.

Hanalea then goes into seclusion, and there the stories vary. One consistency remains throughout all of the stories, however. The eldest girl born to Hanalea ascends to the throne, as has every girl in the bloodline since that time. Even now, a descendant of Hanalea, Marianna ana'Rissa, rules the Queendom. Like her ancestor, she also sacrifices for the good of the people, marrying Lord Averill Demonai, the Patriarch of the Demonai clan in order to solidify the bond between clans and royals, making them powerful enough together to hold off the wizard houses. As part of the agreement made after the Breaking, the High Wizard - Lord Gavan Bayar - is bound to the Queen and can only act in her or the Queendoms' best interests. To ensure that the Wizard Houses are never able to cause such destruction again, their power is limited by the clans who make the amulets from which their power is drawn. All former amulets are to be surrendered as part of the Naeming agreement, and new ones issued which have limitations including how long they last. Unknown to all, the Bayar family manages to retain some of the original amulets, buying time and waiting for the right opportunity to enmesh themselves in the royal family by marriage. When the Queen's eldest daughter Raisa reaches her name day at the age of sixteen, she is officially made heir to the throne, but by then Lord Bayar has managed to get around his binding to the Queen and instead he enchants her into attempting to marry her daughter off to his son in secret. Raisa escapes, and with the help of Amon - the son of the Captain of the Guard - she hides in plain sight, joining his triple as they return to school at Oden's Ford as a first year cadet.

Hanson Alister is a street lord in Ragmarket, the district closest to the Castle Close in Fellsmarch. When it becomes too dangerous for his family, he quits the life and turns to an honest and lawful means of supporting his mother and sister. They live above a stable, exchanging a place to stay for Han's work helping to keep the stable clean. His mother is not sure of his reform, and constantly looks for signs that he has returned to or never left his life of crime. After a run in with Micah Bayar, Han forces him to relinquish the amulet he is illegally using since he hasn't been issued one yet, and hides it. It is a piece from the time before the Breaking, when no restrictions were imposed, and it is stronger than any made currently. Lord Bayar is not happy that his son stole it from him, and even less impressed that someone took it from him. His search to have it returned results in the death of most of the Raggers gang, and most of the rival Southies gang. When Bayar finally discovers who really has the amulet, he endeavors to get it back, but Han surprises him, sticking a knife into his side to buy himself enough time to get away. He isn't quick enough to save his mother and sister who die in the fire set by the Guard sent to his home by Bayar. Vowing revenge, he leaves and joins the Marisa Pines Camp where he had spent most summers as a child. His best friends in the clan, Fire Dancer and Bird, have reached the age where a vocation is to be chosen and both will soon leave Marisa Pines to enter into their training. Han may have a clan name, called Hunts Alone when with them, but it doesn't qualify him as one of them. Feeling more alone as their departure date approaches, Han is oblivious to the drama unfolding around him. A meeting takes place that changes everything Han had ever believed in. He learns that he is a descendant of the man most call the Demon King - a wizard of some caliber. The magical cuffs he's worn since birth protected him from magic - that which would be used against him, and his own. Now Han has a choice to make. Live his life as it is now, with the cuffs binding magic around him, or take them off and begin training to develop his magical gifts for use in support of the Queen and clan.

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This section contains 838 words
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