The Brave Setting & Symbolism

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Moscondaga Reservation

Jake lives on the Moscondaga Reservation. Sonny also lives there when his mother doesn't have him out on the road. He wants to leave the place at the beginning of the book.

The Deuce

The Deuce is another name for 42nd Street. It is where Stick lives.


Sonny takes a bus to New York City. It's also where he is arrested for trafficking drugs.

Whitmore Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility

Whitmore Hills Juvenile Correctional Facility is where Sonny has to spend time for carrying the drugs.


Sonny's mother goes to live in Phoenix after she leaves New York City. She wants her son to move there with her.


Sonny is sent to solitary after he attacks a guard. He really begins thinking about his heritage while he is there


Brooks is taken to the hospital after he is shot by Stick.

Martin's House

Sonny goes to Martin's House before his first fight. He feels very safe and comfortable there.


Chub's is a pizza joint where Doll takes Sonny. There are illegal activities going on in the back.

Donatelli's Gym

Sonny trains at Donatelli's Gym. He also lives there and pays his rent by keeping the place clean.

Hillcrest Lodge

Hillcrest Lodge is a small place where Sonny goes to fight. He is a victor there at the end of the book.

This section contains 229 words
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