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Sonny Bear

Sonny, whose real name is George Harrison Bayer, is a 17 year-old boy with an Indian mother and a white father. His father died during the Vietnam War, and his mother is forever searching for a good home for them so Jake spends much of his youth traveling around the country. When his mother needs to go out on her own, he lives on the Reservation with his great uncle, Jake. Sonny is very talented in boxing, but he has a hard time controlling himself in the ring. He feels torn between his white background and his Indian background, focusing on the worst of each of them. His great uncle thinks he has potential, and works hard to help Sonny find himself. The boy goes out on his own to escape the Reservation life, but he is naïve, and quickly falls in with the wrong crowd. After some hard experiences, he learns to focus on control, and learns how to fight professionally, taming the monster that is in him and using it for good.


Jake is Sonny's great uncle. Sonny's mother is his favorite niece, and he becomes a father figure to the boy at the Reservation. He knows the history of his people, and he is dedicated to bringing up Sonny as a Running Brave. The secrets of these protectors had been passed down to his father and then to him, and he is determined to pass them on to Sonny, who he believes has great potential. He works at a junkyard during the day, but as Martin points out, he is a very wise man. He is also very patient and understanding with Sonny. He is sad when the boy leaves the Reservation, but he lets him go, and even offers him a ride. He is always there to support Sonny, going down to the city and visiting him when he has fights and when he is in trouble.


Doll's real name is Heather. She is a young mother who helps lure Sonny into life on The Deuce.


Stick meets Sonny right when he gets off the bus. He is a drug runner who sends drugs to Middle School children in New Jersey.

Alfred Brooks

Alfred Brooks is a police officer who lets Sonny go even after Sonny punches him and messes up a drug bust. He becomes a friend and father figure to Sonny.


This character is the daughter of the young mother on The Deuce. Her mother loves and protects her.


Chub is Doll's friend. He offers to watch her daughter for her. He owns the pizza place.

Martin Witherspoon

Martin Witherspoon is Sonny's partner at the gym. He wants to be a writer, and he is in awe of Jake.


Denise is Martin's sister. She has the warms for Sonny according to Martin.

The Postman

The Postman is a strong fighter at the gym. Sonny beats him in one of his earliest great victories.

Running Brave

Jake encourages Sonny to become a Running Brave. It's a special person who trains body and mind to best protect his people.

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