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Robert E. Howard
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Conan appears in The Bloody Crown of Conan

Conan is a fearless barbarian. He resides over many kingdoms and acquires kingdoms as he goes. Everyone is scared of Conan due to his reputation. Conan will kill and maim if someone talks badly to him or upsets him in any way. He will also kill if someone has done wrong by him. He also has a loyal side. People who help him are rewarded, such as Zenobia, a slave girl who helps him escape imprisonment. He makes her his queen at the end of the story. Conan's loyalty also causes him to kill anyone who is disloyal to either him or his kinsmen. Part of Conan's personality is that he is a brutal warrior with brute strength. He is almost a giant. He has a hulking stature and huge, bulging muscles. He does not look like the Eastern people; he is from the West. He has tan skin, blue eyes and a mane of dark hair. His looks combined with his brute strength allow him to overpower people by just looking at them. They tremble in fear of him.

Conan also has a powerful presence with females. Women are instantly attracted to him. He holds them against his body and they feel his muscles. When in Conan's presence, they are instantly sexually attracted to his masculinity. One woman even has sex within five minutes of knowing Conan. The sexual energy between Conan and the female characters creates a noticeable sexual tension.

Conan is a great strategist at war. He uses his mind to strategize how to put together an army and train it. He strategizes how to attack the enemy and take them by surprise. When faced with an impossible situation, Conan always finds his way out of it through strategy and strength. He does not give up, especially when he must fight evil. The reader only sees Conan at a low when he is shackled and imprisoned, but once he is free, he is back to the old, fearless Conan.

Devi Yasminaappears in The People of the Black Circle

Devi Yasmina is the King of Vendhya's sister. She loves her brother, the king, Bunda Chand, very much. She is heartsick when she must kill him because he is dying and in pain. She is a strong, female character who chooses to avenge her brother's death. She involves herself in political matters of Vendhya and takes to the road to find her brother's killers, the Black Seers. Devi does not fear the Black Seers, even though she knows of their evil power. What motivates Devi is love for her brother. His strength comes from this love. Devi is known as a good princess, but when it comes to avenging her brother, she has a masculine energy that guides her along on her journey.

As Conan steals Devi, the reader sees a different side of her. She is weak at first, kicking and screaming for him to let go. But then she turns strong again, threatening the almighty Conan. Finally, Devi turns into a sexual object. Conan is sexually attracted to her when she changes into scantily-clad hill girl clothes. She becomes a weaker female as he carries her all over the land on his horse. Devi is also loyal. Even though Conan has kidnapped her, she sees that Conan avenges her brother for her. She promises to reward him somehow. Devi shows appreciation toward Conan for all the good deeds he has done for her family. Thus, Devi is forgiving and appreciative of those who help her in times of crisis.

Bunda Chanappears in The People of the Black Circle

Bunda Chan is the King of Vendhya and Devi's brother. The Black Seers curse him and slowly cause him to die. Devi kills him because he asks her to.

Chunder Shanappears in The People of the Black Circle

Chunder Shan is the governor of Peshkhauri. Devi secretly goes to his palace for help to find the Black Seers.

Black Seers of Mount Yimshaappears in The People of the Black Circle

Black Seers of Mount Yimsha are the evil sorcerers who put a curse on Bunda Chan, causing him to die. They are witches of the worst kind. They live in a castle protected by evil things.

Yar Afzalappears in The People of the Black Circle

Yar Afzal is Conan's friend and chief of the Wazulis. He and Conan get in a fight and Conan kills him.

Khemsaappears in The People of the Black Circle

Khemsa is a man who is taught black magic by the Black Seers. He has magical powers. He agrees to use these powers to take down everyone and start his own kingdom with Gitara, Devi's servant girl.

Gitaraappears in The People of the Black Circle

Gitara is Devi's servant girl. She convinces Khemsa, her lover, to use his black magic to defeat everyone so they can be rich and rule a kingdom.

Xaltotunappears in The Hour of the Dragon

Xaltotun is a dead man who is brought back to life. He is mummified, but his organs are intact. He steals the Heart of Ahriman to preserve his black magical powers. He lived 3000 years ago and has more power than anyone. He even is able to bring down Conan with his black magic.

Orastesappears in The Hour of the Dragon

Orastes is a man who delves in black magic. He restores Xaltotun.

Zenobiaappears in The Hour of the Dragon

Zenobia is a slave girl who gets the prison guards drunk and steals their keys to unshackle Conan. She helps Conan escape because she loves him. Conan is grateful and he makes her his queen at the end of the story.

Valeriusappears in The Hour of the Dragon

Valerius is the new king of Aquilonia, the kingdom stolen from Conan. He is a horrible king who rapes and pillages and does not care about his kingdom. The people hate him.

Taramisappears in A Witch Shall Be Born

Taramis is queen of Khauran. She is a noble and generous queen. Her evil twin sister, Salome, imprisons her for seven months.

Salomeappears in A Witch Shall Be Born

Salome is Taramis' evil twin sister. She is a witch with the identifying mark of a red crescent on her chest. She imprisons Taramis and rules Khauran in an evil way.

Constantiusappears in A Witch Shall Be Born

Constantius is Salome's chosen captain. He commands the army. He is a bad person who does not care about the kingdom. He only cares about himself and having sex with pretty girls. He goes to fight Conan and his army, but loses.

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