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Festival of San Fermin

The Festival of San Fermin is an event that takes place each summer in Pamplona, Spain. In addition to bullfights and other activities, it is also a religious festival.


Bullfights are the central event of the Spanish festival during which much of the novel takes place.


Wine and other alcoholic beverages are consumed in mass quantities by the book's characters, often leading to revelations and glimpses into the true character of individuals.


Much of the story takes place in cafes in both Paris and Pamplona. These are more than simply places to get a meal. They are the center of social life and friendships. They also symbolize the somewhat shiftless existence of the characters.


Paris is the city in which Jake and some of the other characters live. It stands as a symbol of the modern post-war world that attracts writers, artists, and members of the wealthy elite.

The Purple Land

The Purple Land is a book Robert Cohn reads early in the novel. It represents a side of his personality that makes him more romantic and emotional than the book's other characters.

Hotel Montoya

The Hotel Montoya is the inn where the characters stay during their trip to Pamplona. It is also the temporary home of many of the bullfighters who come for the festival and where Brett meets Romero.


One of Jake's favorite pastimes is fishing, something he and Bill enjoy together early in the trip to Spain. It is a means for him to enjoy nature and escape from his feelings of inadequacy caused by his impotence.


Several times during the novel, Jake goes to a cathedral to pray and reflect. He is a little uncertain of his religious side, although it is clearly important to him.

Bull's Ear

After a bullfight, it is customary for the matador to cut off the bull's ear and give it to someone. After his victory on the last day of the festival, Romero gives the ear to Brett as a symbol of his feelings for her.

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