The Sun Also Rises - Chapters 8 through 11 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8, which begins Book 2 of the novel, opens with Jake reflecting that he did not see Brett again until she returned from San Sebastian, although she sent him a postcard. He also did not see Robert Cohn again but heard that Frances left for England. His friend Bill Gorton arrives from New York after spending time in other parts of Europe. As they are going to dinner, they run into Brett, who has just arrived back in Paris. Later they are in a bar when Mike Campbell, who is Brett's fiance, arrives and is introduced to Bill. Mike is quite drunk and keeps telling Brett what a "lovely piece" she is. They stay behind when Jake and Bill leave to attend a fight.

Chapter 9

In Chapter 9, Mike asks if he and Brett can join Jake and Bill on their upcoming fishing trip to Pamplona, and Jake agrees. Asking Jake to walk her back to her hotel, Brett asks whether Robert Cohn is going on the trip because it might be awkward. When Jake says yes, she is surprised to find out that he did not realize she had gone to San Sebastian with Robert. When Jake sees Brett again several days later, he says he has told Robert she is coming on the trip. Robert is very happy about it. A few days later, Bill and Jake take the train to Bayonne, where they are met by Robert and taken to the hotel where each of them is given a small room.

Chapter 10

In Chapter 10, Jake, Robert, and Bill rent a car and driver and head for Pamplona, where they have rooms at the Hotel Montoya. During lunch, they make bets on whether Brett and Mike will arrive on time that night. Then, Robert goes to a barber shop for a fresh shave and haircut while Jake goes to a local cathedral and prays. Later, Robert leaves dinner to meet Brett and Mike's train. Jake insists on going with him. Brett and Mike are not on the train, and Jake gets a telegram saying they are staying overnight in San Sebastian. Jake enjoys toying with Robert because he is jealous about his trip with Brett. The next morning, Jake and Bill prepare to leave for their fishing trip, but Robert says he will go to San Sebastian instead.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 finds Bill and Jake preparing to leave for their fishing trip as Robert stays behind. Their bus is crowded with friendly Basques who insist on sharing their wine skins with the two Americans. Although the weather has been very hot, by the time they climb into the mountains and arrive in Burguete it is quite cold. Jake complains to the innkeeper that the price is too high, but he agrees to pay it when she says wine is included. The two men eat dinner and drink. Afterward, they go to their room, and Jake is grateful to be warm and in bed.


This section further highlights the book's anti-Semitic theme as the fact that Robert's Jewish faith is mentioned with increasing frequency. A good example comes at the end of Chapter 10 when Bill sarcastically asks Jake if he has more Jewish friends that he could bring along. Jake replies that Bill has some fine ones himself. The idea that Robert's Jewish faith sets him apart from the others and makes him less desirable as a friend continues throughout the book.

Hemingway also begins his theme of geographical contrasts here as Bill and Jake leave the glamorous Paris cafes and nightspots for hot and dusty rural Spain. In contrast to the waiters they have encountered in Paris, when they leave the bus to get a drink in a posada, the woman who waits on them returns some of Jake's money, not realizing he has meant it as a tip.

Additional light is shed on the relationship between Jake and Brett. Although she claims to love him and be miserable without him, Brett is a modern woman who does not hesitate to let him know about her trip to San Sebastian with Robert, which hurts him deeply even though he understands her needs. While he has been ambivalent toward Robert up to this point, the knowledge that he has been with Brett changes his feelings, causing him to resent Robert and behave pettily toward him by refusing to show him the telegram he receives. It does not help that Robert fixes himself up in anticipation of Brett's arrival and makes it clear that he has a relationship with her.

Discussion Question 1

Discuss the relationship between Jake and Robert. How did Jake feel about Robert in the beginning of the novel? How does his attitude toward him change in this section? What is the reason for the change?

Discussion Question 2

Examine Jake's visit to the cathedral. What does he pray about? Does he seem sincere in his prayers? How does he seem to feel about religion?

Discussion Question 3

Compare and contrast the people Jake and the others spend time with in Paris with those they meet on the trip to Burguete. Include not just a physical description, but their attitudes and behavior as well.


Injustice, rupure, violate, daunt, pestilential, quaint, armistice, rigid, gesture, bankrupt, indecent, nuisance, brothel, itinerary, compartment, pilgrimage, prohibition, steward, corridor, successive, drygoods, furrow, plateau, interpret, cinch, archives, facade, economic, confidential, trajectory, commence, barren.

This section contains 903 words
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