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Benjy’s Pasture

Benjy’s pasture is sold to fund Quentin’s college education. It is made into a golf course, and Benjy follows along the fence watching the golfers. He remembers when he was little and he was able to walk through the pasture to the stream where he and the other children spent much of their time.


Quentin is sent to Harvard for his education. He does not want to go, but his mother wants him to go there. He is unhappy at Harvard because he is away from his family and his way of life. He ends up drowning himself in the Charles River near the campus.

Charles River

Quentin drowns himself in the Charles River near the end of his first year at Harvard. It symbolizes his attempt to wash away the sin of Caddy's mistakes and his inability to help her.

Jefferson, Mississippi

Jefferson, Mississippi is where the Compsons’ live and where their family has lived for many generations.


Fire helps calm Benjy when he is upset. Dilsey and Luster set him in front of the fire to watch the flames to keep him from being too loud.


Slippers are given to Benjy to hold to calm him, while he watches the fire.


Benjy runs to the gate to watch for Caddy to come home from school. He does not understand that time has passed and Caddy has left Jefferson, Mississippi.

Pocket watch

Quentin carries a pocket watch that his father gave him. He breaks the watch, but he can still hear it ticking. It shows his inability to escape time and control it.


The Compson children play in the stream when they are young and innocent. Water is a symbol of cleansing and purity. At this time in their lives, the children are uncorrupted and pure.


Money is important to Jason. He uses it to manipulate Caddy and her daughter. Jason takes the money that Caddy sends their mother for the raising of Miss Quentin. Quentin steals the money and runs away causing Jason to chase after her because money is the only thing that is important to him.

This section contains 364 words
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