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Caddy smelled like trees.
-- Benjy (Section 1 paragraph 10, pg. 6)

Importance: Benjy sees Caddy as innocent and pure. As long as she smells like trees, this is his Caddy. When she attempts to wear perfume and have relationships, she no longer smells like trees and loses her innocence.

I've got to marry somebody.
-- Caddy (Section 2 paragraph 3, pg. 113)

Importance: Caddy does not love Herbert, but because she is pregnant she must marry someone for face taking care of the baby by herself. She does not have the ability to do this so she must rely on a man to take care of her and her child. Her family will not help her because her situation is shameful to them and will hurt their reputation.

I wish you were dead.
-- Quentin (Section 2 paragraph 22, pg. 157)

Importance: Quentin says this to Caddy after her late night meeting with Dalton. It shows Quentin's obession with Caddy and his unstable mind.

Did you ever have a sister? did you?
-- Quentin (Section 2 paragraph 11, pg. 166)

Importance: Quentin says this a lot throughout the novel. He says this to Gerald before he attacks him because Gerald is being demeaning of women and Quentin does not like it. He feels that his sister was defiled by men and she should not be judged for it.

You know if I had my way, you'd have an office of you own to go to, and hours that became a Bascomb.Because you are a Bascomb, despite your name.
-- Mrs. Compson (Section 3 paragraph 1, pg. 182)

Importance: Mrs. Compson believes that Jason is more like her than any of her children. She wants the best for him, but cannot provide it. She sees him as the glory of her family.

I'm bad and I'm going to hell, and I don't care. I'd rather be in hell than anywhere where you are.
-- Miss Quentin (Section 3 paragraph 3, pg. 189)

Importance: Miss Quentin says this to Jason. She does not like his attempts to control her life. He treats her like a slut, so she acts like one.

After all, like I say money has no value; it's just the way you spend it. It don't belong to anybody, so why try to hoard it.
-- Jason Compson IV (Chapter 4 paragraph 4, pg. 194)

Importance: Jason does not value money. He only wants what it buys. He is materialistic.

I know you. I grew up with you.
-- Caddy (Section 3 paragraph 5, pg 204)

Importance: Caddy does not trust Jason because during their childhood he spied on her and would always tell their parents when she did something wrong. She did not like him then, and she does not like him now.

We Bascombs need nobody's charity. Certainly not that of a fallen woman.
-- Mrs. Compson (Section 3 paragraph 2, pg. 220)

Importance: Mrs. Compson refuses to accept the money that Caddy sends because she is an immoral person. She sees Jason as a Bascomb and they are proud people who rely on no one.

You're not the one who has to bear it. It's not your responsibility. You can go away.
-- Mrs. Compson (Section 4 paragraph 3, pg. 272)

Importance: Mrs. Compson feels that the integrity of the family relies on her. She must bear the sins of the family so that everyone else can live their lives.

I have to depend on them so completely. It's not as if I were strong. I wish I were. I wish I could do all the house work myself. I could at least take that much off your shoulders.
-- Mrs. Compson (Section 4 paragraph 1, pg. 279)

Importance: Mrs. Compson is lamenting to Jason about how weak she is now. She is unable to help out with her family. She apologizes to him for not being able to help him provide for the family and being a burden to him. She is a martyr who uses illness to gain attention and make her family pay attention to her.

Don't you know any better than to take him to the left?
-- Jason Compson IV (Section 4 paragraph 4, pg. 320)

Importance: Jason asks this of Luster when he takes Benjy to the left of the Confederate statue, which deviates from his normal routine. Benjy must have everything a certain way and change does not go over well. Benjy becomes very upset and hard to control.

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