The Sound and the Fury - Section 2, June 2, 1910 (Part II) Summary & Analysis

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Section 2, June 2, 1910 (Part II)

Quentin attempts to take the little girl home, but she will not talk. He tries asking locals if they know her, but they do not know anything about the girl. He thinks he finds her home and leaves her by the gate. He runs away so that she will not follow him, but she catches back up with him and continues to follow him around. Her angry brother, Julio, attacks Quentin accusing him of kidnapping his sister. He has had the sheriff tracking Quentin all over town trying to save his sister. Julio threatens to kill Quentin. Quentin is being taken to see the Squire when Shreve, Gerald, Mrs. Bland, Gerald's mother, and his friend Spoade appear with two girls in tow. They went out looking for him when he did not answer a summons by Mrs. Bland.

They cannot believe that Quentin is under arrest and follow him to see the Squire. The Squire orders Quentin to pay Julio a dollar and pay six dollars to the constable for having to chase him around town. He is then released.

The group had been going on a picnic, so they continue their plans. Watching the two girls with the boys makes Quentin think of Caddy and her foray with boys. He asked her if she loved the boys. It is important to him that Caddy have a reason for behaving the way she does. Benjy is upset about Caddy. He knows something is not right. Quentin is upset that Caddy has gotten herself pregnant. He asks her if he forced himself on her and threatens to kill him if he did. She asks Quentin if he is a virgin, and he denies it. They are at the stream, and Quentin puts a knife to her throat telling her that he can cut her throat and then his own. She tells him to push the knife in, but he cannot. He drops it in the grass.

Caddy leaves him to go see Dalton Aames. He lies in the grass looking at the sky. Caddy and Dalton walk back to the house. Quentin is very upset. He does not like the situation that Caddy is in. He blames everyone, except her, for it. He meets with Dalton, the father of Caddy's baby, and they fight. Quentin tells him that he must leave, and he will not. He tells Quentin it is not his fault that women are all bitches. If it had not been him, it would be someone else. Quentin attempts to hit him, but he grabs his hand. Dalton carries a gun and shows Quentin how good a shot he is by shooting bark in the water. Quentin passes out trying to attack Dalton once again. He offers to let him ride his horse back to his house.

Caddy finds Quentin resting against a tree. She was out looking for him and heard the shots. He asks her if she loves Dalton. She puts his hand to her throat so he can feel her heart beat and asks him to say his name. When Quentin says Dalton Aames, her heart beat quickens.

In the present, Quentin has had a fight with Gerald and took the worst of it. He is with Shreve and Spoade attempting to clean himself up. Quentin is not sure how the fight happened. Spoade tells him that he jumped up yelling, "Did you ever have a sister? did you?" and when he said no, he hit him. Gerald had been talking about women and sex. Quentin leaves the picnic. He walks down the street and gets a trolley car. He goes back to his room and tries to clean the blood out of his clothes. He thinks about his family as he fixes his clothes and brushes his suit to look his best.


Quentin is surprised when he is accused of kidnapping. Julio is very protective of his sister as Quentin is of Caddy. He will fight to protect her and this shows a connection between the two.

Quentin has an unnatural obsession with his sister. He does not like that she is not a virgin and he is. Caddy feels that because he is a virgin he cannot understand what she is feeling. He has to experience it for himself to understand. Quentin threatens to kill her to protect her from the shame of being an unwed mother and to protect the family name. It will also erase the guilt he feels for allowing her to put the family in such a situation.

Caddy loves Dalton Aames, but the reader is unsure of what happens to him. He is the father of her child, but not the man that she marries. Quentin fights him to save Caddy's honor, but he is not a fighter. This is also clear when Quentin fights Gerald because of his disrepectful rant about women. Quentin does not believe that women she be talked about because of their bodies and any man with a sister would be respectful of this and not want to think that their sister has only that to offer society.

He walks home on his own to clean himself up to prepare for cleansing himself of the guilt and sin that he feels are his because of his sister's actions. The only way he thinks that he can release himself from this burden is to drown himself.

Discussion Question 1

Why do you think the little girl follows Quentin after leaving the bakery? What kind of home life do you think she has?

Discussion Question 2

How does Julio's protection of his sister parallel Quentin's desire to protect his own sister? How is Julio different from Quentin?

Discussion Question 3

Why is Quentin's appearance so important to him? He puts on his new suit at the beginning of the day and must clean it when he returns to his room that evening. He plans to kill himself on this day so why is he worried about his suit?


Paradoxical, perverse, relevance, inherent, cavalier, immortal, derivation, tranquil, peremptory, earnest, expedient, sublimate, chicanery.

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