Sentimental Education Quotes

Gustave Flaubert and Mary Ruefle
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"It was like a vision: She was sitting in the middle of the bench, all alone." (18)

"Love is the food and air of genius." (28)

"Yet it seemed to him he deserved to be loved." (36)

"A man of this sort was worth all the women in the world." (47)

"Never having seen society through the fever of his ambition, Deslauriers pictured it as an artificial creation, functioning in accordance with mathematical laws." (88)

"What a fool I was, with my lovesick sorrow! Why, she scarcely recognized me! What an ordinary creature she is!" (117)

"His brain conceived of a Machiavellian plan." (154)

"His dreams have raised her to a position outside the human condition. Beside her, he felt less important on earth than the scraps of silk which fell from her scissors." (174)

"Why, yes! I love him! ... I love him!" (248)

"'I'm just too happy,' said Frederic, 'I've been wanting you too long!'" (283)

"All is well! The people have won! Workers and bourgeois are embracing!" (291)

"He felt certain that he was going to be happy for the rest of his days, his contentment struck him as so natural, so inseparably linked with his life and this woman." (325)

"And I nearly died of longing for you!" (354)

"After all, love in itself was not so very important." (362)

"Looking around him, Frederic almost imagined that he was dreaming. Fear gripped his heart. He felt that this death was only a beginning, that some worse misfortune was going to follow close behind it." (395)

"When they returned, Madame Arnoux took off her hat. The lamp, standing on a console table, lit up her white hair. It was like a blow full in the chest." (414)

"And that was all." (416)

"That was the happiest time we ever had." (419)

This section contains 289 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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