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Robert Collier (author)
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In 1926, Robert Collier wrote some of the first self-help books, including this one called "Secret of the Ages." The family still keeps the books in print, the current version having been published in 1995. Robert Collier firmly believed in the possibility of bettering the life of every man and woman who chose to follow his Rules, or Secrets. In his book, The Secret of the Ages, Collier puts forth seven secrets that will completely change the life of the individual who takes his words to heart and makes a concentrated effort to apply his principles.

His seven secrets discuss various aspects of the Subconscious, one's Ambition and Desire, finding one's Goal and Purpose, having Faith in oneself and in one's Inner Mind, a discussion of how the Creative Imagination will bring financial rewards, proof of the Power of Will, and the Master Plot to steer one through some of the storms of life.

Collier identifies the problems that the average individual experiences and helps to pinpoint the cause. His instructions lead the astute Reader through a description of the impact of the Subconscious on the human being, then identifying and defining what Ambition and Desire mean and why they are important in this process. Once the Reader understands these principles, Collier then outlines a method for identifying one's key Desires, allowing for the pinpoint accuracy of determining an individual's ultimate Goal. Once the Goal has been identified, Collier teaches the Reader to find a creative way to believe in oneself and in one's dreams.

Once the Reader has followed the steps through the process of determining his or her Ambition and Desire, then Collier covers the myriad reasons why even with such a blueprint people still fail to succeed. The greatest problem is lace of sufficient Will, and the knowledge of how to evoke and utilize that Will in its greatest intensity, directing it appropriately and allowing the Reader to understand that all power regarding the Will lies within him. All one has to do is to decide that it will be done, and firmly believe it. Again, Collier indicates that a strong Will shall attract others of a like frame of mind to them, creating an environment of strength and success. The next problem is even more commonly admitted—Procrastination. Collier relates numerous historical failures as being due to putting off a task that was vital to the success of a project. He reminds the Reader to never, ever procrastinate.

By the end of the Book, Colliers has given all the principles to the Reader that he believes are necessary to go and live a successful life. The remaining chapters relate the beliefs of another writer, Albert Lewis Pelton, because they affirm and support all of Robert Collier's principles on how one can find success in this world.

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This section contains 473 words
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