Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America Setting & Symbolism

Elizabeth Wurtzel
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Summer Camp

Where Wurtzel is sent every summer, although she feels this is an unjustifiable punishment since she is a gifted child that can easily entertain herself. She experiences her first overdose at summer camp, although she is so young at twelve that the counselors write it off as an accident. After the fifth year of summer camp, Wurtzel spends the last year in the director's office every day, threatening overdoses and other problems unless she is sent home.

Ultimately, Wurtzel blames her deterioration on summer camp. She feels that she was sent away for no reason.


The first drug that helps Wurtzel relax and lowers her highly emotional responses to everything. She will take this antipsychotic drug three times a day.


Wurtzel attends Harvard and her depression and detrimental actions worsen. It is also at Harvard where she meets Dr. Sterling, who has a great deal of positive support for Wurtzel.


The institutional infirmary where Wurtzel spends time recovering after her depressive episodes


The namesake of the book, Prozac is a miracle drug that ultimately helps Wurtzel restore her normal daily lifestyle before the depression became out of control.


Wurtzel takes a break from Harvard and writes for a paper in Dallas. Here, she has another breakdown and self-medicates by drinking too much alcohol, ultimately missing the birthday party her mother flies from New York to throw for her.


The drug for hay fever that Wurtzel uses as her drug of choice for her first overdose at age twelve while at summer camp.


Another location that Wurtzel runs to in an effort to fight her depression, she visits London and stays with the ex-boyfriend of her roommate at Cambridge. The trip is a total disaster.


In order to get over Rafe and stay out of her depressing apartment and away from her suicidal thoughts, Wurtzel visits her cousin in California. All of the sun helps Wurtzel and makes her feel better about her situation and helps her get better after Rafe.


Oftentimes, one of the anchors that leads Wurtzel back from her depression and into normal life again will be reading and her devotion to her schoolwork, which shows her desire to have a normal, balanced life.

This section contains 379 words
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