Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America - Chapter 12, The Accidental Blowjob Summary & Analysis

Elizabeth Wurtzel
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Chapter 12, The Accidental Blowjob Summary and Analysis

Just before she leaves for London, Wurtzel calls Rafe to tell him that she is leaving and won't be returning for awhile. Just before she leaves, she goes to a wedding and meets a man there that is actually from London and will be there when she arrives. She doesn't sleep well on the plane, but when she arrives, Barnaby picks her up and takes her back to his apartment. When he tries to come on to her, she immediately asks to leave to go back to Manuel's apartment. She then realizes that she has no contacts, friends, or friendly environment to turn to here since she knows absolutely nothing.

When she gets to Manuel's, she is treated with nearly perfect scorn by him and given a horrible room. Manuel starts to be mean to her and she realizes that he and Samantha did not have the best ending to their relationship. She is miserable and spends hours on the phone, calling people back home to beg to come back home. Her friend Samantha tells her to try to enjoy the beauty of the city since she is there. However, when she calls her mother, she immediately tells her to cut her losses and come home now. Since she is so adamant, Wurtzel backs down and refuses to go. When she returns back to Manuel's, she explains that she is crazy and tries to get him to understand her a little better. It seems to work because he promises to take her out to dinner next week with some friends.

She goes to take a shower and Manuel leaves with her crying on the floor. When he returns, she is in the same position, so he picks her up and kisses her. Nevertheless, the rain and constant dreariness in London sets in and Wurtzel finds living in London to be another horrible experience. She starts taking more and more Mellaril to dull the pain since supposedly one cannot overdose on the drug. She even gets food poisoning while in London, but drags out returning home to the States. Noah Biddle, her freshman-year boyfriend, convinces her to stay in London so they can go on a grand tour together. Since he has plenty of money and convinces her that it's the right thing to do, she stays.

As soon as he arrives, he's excited to be in London, but her mood is the exact opposite. She makes his life a near-perfect living hell, complaining about her nervous breakdowns while he just wants to go and visit Big Ben. Despite their touring and traveling, Wurtzel's mood never improves and she mopes the entire trip. When Biddle finally accuses her of being bored with life, she brightens and tells him she thinks he is finally catching on to her problems.

This section contains 481 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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