Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America - Chapter 8, Space, Time and Motion Summary & Analysis

Elizabeth Wurtzel
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Chapter 8, Space, Time and Motion Summary and Analysis

Wurtzel starts making promises to herself. She will go to Cambridge and treat it like a recovery period, staying away from obsessive relationships and working hard. Since she cannot have Dr. Saltenstahl as a therapist, she goes with her recommendation: Dr. Diana Sterling. She makes sense to Wurtzel because she has a good, stable life herself, which is rare among her therapists.

Her life in Cambridge is so calm that she has few things to talk about with Dr. Sterling. She gets a job working for the Harvard Police Department two nights a week, but it messes up her schedule tremendously. Also, the lack of sunshine has a negative impact on her persona as well. She finally calls Dr. Sterling and tells her that she thinks she's having a nervous breakdown, but she's not sure why.

A few days later, Wurtzel wakes up covered in blood. Blood is everywhere and she calls her friend, telling him that she is dying. It's October of 1987, and Wurtzel rides to the infirmary covered in blood to find out that she has had a miscarriage. She is hysterical when she finds out that she was pregnant and has now lost the baby. They give her a great deal of drugs to keep her calm while she stays in the infirmary overnight. Now, she cannot imagine ever getting better.

She parties and laughs with her friends, saying that she thought she was going crazy when in fact she was just having a miscarriage. Then, Wurtzel starts to use her miscarriage as an excuse for everything, bringing it up constantly in social settings. She starts to crack up.

She starts to go insane and a doctor and some orderlies are sent to get Wurtzel from her room and take her to the infirmary. She starts to yell that she has to do her papers for a Space, Time and Motion class or else she will really lose it. However, when she's there for a little while, she realizes that she feels better simply because no one can touch her.

This section contains 359 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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