Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America - Chapter 6, Happy Pills Summary & Analysis

Elizabeth Wurtzel
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Chapter 6, Happy Pills Summary and Analysis

Wurtzel is in her room trying to study. She is supposed to be reading The Odyssey, and although she has heard it is a great read, she can't concentrate on the book. Instead, she picks up the receiver and calls her father. She hadn't spoken to him in a year before she left for college, but shortly before going to Harvard, she visits him down in Florida. She even tries to be friendly with his new wife. However, like most of their communications, this one eventually dwindles.

Although she doesn't realize it, Wurtzel calls her father to pick a fight. She immediately asks him if he has paid for the insurance forms. When he balks, she starts to cry. She tells him that all he does is give her nothing but a bunch of words. By the end, she tells him that she's had enough and is through with him.

Wurtzel starts to have death fantasies all the time, although she knows somewhere inside her that she will stay alive. She gets fed up with it and walks into the University Health Services again, citing mental problems, and signs on the dotted line. It gets her out of her classes and exams. She sees a new therapist called Dr. Saltenstahl, who she likes despite the fact that she won't give her any prescription pills. Unfortunately, Dr. Saltenstahl is thoroughly booked. There is little that Dr. Saltenstahl can do since Wurtzel is not suicidal, so it leaves Wurtzel back in limbo. She's not desperate enough to be institutionalized, which would then be covered by insurance. Until then, she's on her own.

This section contains 282 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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