Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America - Chapter 5, Black Wave Summary & Analysis

Elizabeth Wurtzel
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Chapter 5, Black Wave Summary and Analysis

Wurtzel is running. She's not sure if she's running away from her life or because she's scared. She spends her time being scared of people and then being scared of being with people. She cannot find herself and spends hours wishing that everything was okay. Then, one day, she's actually running for her life across Harvard. She has slept with her best friend's boyfriend. As she is running across the campus, she thinks that this is true insanity.

When her roommate catches up to her, she sees Wurtzel's face and stops yelling and threatening her life. Instead, she looks at her and sees something in her face and tells her that she's crazy. Wurtzel is truly crazy — and Wurtzel cannot agree more. She walks straight to the Mental Health facilities, the Stillman Infirmary. Dr. King, the therapist there, helps her by talking with her father about handling the insurance forms, which Wurtzel thinks might be one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for her.

Wurtzel has complicated her mental condition by taking a great deal of drugs. In fact, she takes so much Ecstasy that she and her friends are known for it on campus. One day, while at her boyfriend's apartment, she wakes up and realizes she has missed her grandparents' visit to Harvard to see her. She starts to scream and screams consistently under Noah takes her straight to the Emergency Room at the University Health Services.

Throughout Winter Break, Wurtzel hides in her college room, engrossed in her Justice class books. Her mother comes to visit and accuses her of being a drug addict and questions whether she should continue to pay for Harvard. When confronted, Wurtzel starts to berate her mother, telling her that she used to be a perfect little girl, did her mother remember that? Wurtzel realizes she has gone too far and makes her mother hysterical so that by the end of her rambling, both she and her mother are hysterical. Wurtzel apologizes for being so hateful and her mother says she knows that Wurtzel is hateful and resentful of everyone.

This section contains 363 words
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