Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America - Chapter 4, Broken Summary & Analysis

Elizabeth Wurtzel
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Chapter 4, Broken Summary and Analysis

In 1980, Wurtzel's father walks out on her for good. In the years before he finally left, Wurtzel's mother had run out of money and had to take her father to court in order to get any money. Her world becomes a constant battle between lawyers and court appointments.

She tries to fit in and be normal, but fails miserably. She finally resigns herself to her depressed personality, and this resignation gives her some stability. She tries to shelter herself by being a perfect student with zombielike commitment to getting straight A's and appearing flawless — at least on paper. In this vein, a boy named Zachary comes along and they start dating, much to Wurtzel's astonishment. When her mother sees her dating this ideal catch, she relaxes, thinking that Wurtzel cannot be that boy to have attracted a boy this good. Dating consumes Wurtzel. She starts to believe that she will renounce everything and marry Zachary and be with him forever.

While she is babysitting, her father calls to cryptically tell her that he will be going away for awhile and not to question that he loves her. She isn't alarmed by the conversation because he can sometimes talk mysteriously like this. She gets off the phone quickly so that she can call Zachary. Shortly thereafter, Zachary dumps her, saying she was just a way to have fun. Wurtzel is thoroughly distraught. Without bothering to excuse herself, she will break out into crying jags and severe depressive episodes. Her extreme behavior drives her mother crazy. When Wurtzel is on a cross-country trip, her mother goes through her drawer and finds the birth control pills she had because of her relationship with Zachary and becomes wildly upset, questioning how Wurtzel could do that to her. Wurtzel cannot understand why her mother is allowed to be so wildly upset when it is Wurtzel that is going through the horrible break-up.

This section contains 328 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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