Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America - Prologue: I Hate Myself and I Want to Die Summary & Analysis

Elizabeth Wurtzel
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Prologue: I Hate Myself and I Want to Die Summary and Analysis

The novel starts in the middle of Wurtzel having a nervous breakdown. She is sobbing on the bathroom floor during a party, her black chiffon dress stark against the white bathroom tiles. She is sobbing and crying because of a number of small mishaps that have happened that evening, but also because she is coming down from a self-medicated high on cocaine. Initially, she took the cocaine with a friend because she was having problems socializing at her own party, but with the cocaine, she immediately became confident and more friendly.

Wurtzel has recently decided to get off her lithium, which is why she is in such a precarious mental state. She has stopped taking her lithium because she is convinced that it is causing her to have Graves' disease due to a recent test. She is told that things will get bad for her if she stops taking the lithium, but she wants to stop cold-turkey anyways. Her friends try to come into the bathroom to help Wurtzel, but she is too far beyond them to be much help.

Wurtzel remembers the first time she had an overdose. She was twelve and at summer camp in 1979. She swallowed ten caplets of Atarax, a prescription allergy medicine that she is taking for hay fever. She has decided that all of the activities and games are for naught because they are all going to die anyway. After a day, her counselor comes to check on her and eventually brings the head counselor to check on Wurtzel. She gets into some trouble for taking her own medicines rather than giving them to the camp nurse, but they assume the problem is an honest mistake and not an overdose.

Two days after the breakdown at her own party, Wurtzel visits Dr. Ira, who she refers to as the Fifth Avenue Crack House because all he does is give her pills. He gets upset with her for getting off the lithium and tells her that her fears of Graves' disease are totally unfounded.

This section contains 363 words
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