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John Sandford and Michele Cook
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“Outrage” is a dystopian young adult novel by John Sandford and Michele Cook, and forms the second installment of their “Singular Menace” trilogy in which Shay and her friends seek to bring down the evil Singular corporation. When the novel begins, 16-year-old Shay, her recently-freed brother, Odin, their friends and allies Twist, Cruz, and Cade, and freed fest subject Fenfang are regrouping and preparing their next move. They learn that Fenfang was subject to hideous experiments in which the mind of Charlotte Dash, a U.S. Senator from New Mexico, was implanted into Fenfang. As a result, Charlotte Dash’s mind frequently attempts to seize control of Fenfang, who herself suffers terrible seizures. They all decide that they must expose Singular, and free the remaining test subjects.

Meanwhile, Micah Cartwell, CEO of Singular, as well as his top security agents, Thorne, Sync, and Harmon, seek to find the kids and neutralize the threat they present. They have stolen vital information contained on flash drives which is feared will be made public. Thorne vows to hunt down the kids at any expense. They use every available means of technology at their disposal, but the kids manage to stay one step ahead of Singular’s agents as the agents often show up only a few minutes after the kids have left. This leads Cartwell to imagine there is a leak among the topmost circles of the company. The remaining test subjects are ultimately to be loaded onto a converted cargo ship, but Cartwell will let his top men believe the subjects are going elsewhere. Each person will be given a different location, and whatever location the kids show up at, Cartwell will know the source of his leak.

Shay and her group go on the run after the tip-off from the leaker. They decide their best bet to expose Singular is to gather more hard evidence that could not possibly be faked – actual video. They decide to split into two teams. Shay’s team will pay a visit to Senator Dash, while Odin’s team will pay a visit to lead scientist Dr. Janes. A wealth of information is discovered at Dash’s house, as well as film of her acknowledging her relationship with Singular. Janes also acknowledges on film the heinous experiments being carried out, but denies knowledge of how test subjects like Fenfang are acquired. However, the information Janes gives Odin’s team – codes to decrypt the flash drives – ends up corrupting all the files.

Shay, Odin, and the others take to Northern California, where they hide out with a hippie named Danny, an old friend of Twist’s. From there, they begin to plan their next move. They reach out to the leaker, who is morally conflicted about what he is doing. He wants to help the kids, but knows his own life is in danger. He gives them the location of the test subjects, which turns out to be a trap in which Cade is captured. The leaker is revealed to be Harmon, who goes on the run and agrees to meet with and work with Shay and her group. He teaches them how to properly shoot, and sneaks into a Singular banquet with Shay to hold Cartwell hostage until Cade is released.

Hacking into the records of the company, Shay, Odin, Harmon, and the others learn about the ship being outfitted to deal with prisoners. The entire group converges on the ship while Shay and Harmon sneak aboard. Inside, they discover fifteen test subjects who are mindlessly wandering around. One even begs Shay and Harmon to kill him. Outside, a convoy arrives with more test subjects and more guards. A gunfight breaks out, and the police are called to the scene. However, when they arrive, the ship is gone. Harmon and Shay, aboard the ship, prepare for a fight in which they are heavily outnumbered. However, Shay isn’t too unhappy because she knows Singular is cornered.

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