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David Nicholls (writer)
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"Living in her university town felt like staying at a party that everyone else had left, and so in October she had given up the flat in Rankeillor Street and moved back to her parents for a long, fraught, wet winter of recriminations and slammed doors and afternoon TV in a house that now seemed impossibly small" (Chapter 2, p. 20).

"I think you were telling me that my life was going nowhere," and she began to laugh and cry at the same time" (Chapter 4, p. 54).

"I think so. I think our moment passed some time ago" (Chapter 5, p. 98).

"I've tried, I've strained to love him but I can't. I am building a life with a man I don't love, and I don't know what to do about it" (Chapter 9, p. 187).

"And it was at moments like this that she had to remind herself that she was in love with him, or had once been in love with him, a long time ago" (Chapter 9, p. 198).

"He wonders if he still might tell her that he loves her or, more tentatively, that he "thinks he might be in love with her", which is both more touching and easier to back out of" (Chapter 12, p. 261).

"The champagne flowed on and a sense of nostalgia spread across the Great Lawn as old friends met and conversation turned into how much people earned now, how much weight they had gained" (Chapter 13, p. 272-273).

"They sat in silence for a moment, listening to the children shouting in the courtyard, the sound of distant televisions" (Chapter 15, p. 344).

"She sometimes wondered what her twenty-two year-old self would think of today's Emma Mayhew. Would she consider her self-centered? Compromised? A bourgeois sell-out, with her appetite for home ownership and foreign travel, clothes from Paris and expensive haircuts" (Chapter 18, p. 381).

"Let's just say that I think the best thing you could do is try and live your life as if Emma were still here. Don't you think that would be best" (Chapter 20, p. 408).

This section contains 334 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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