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Kevin Henkes
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"I hope that I get to know Martha Boyle next year (or this summer). I hope that we can be friends." Olive's Journal, Chapter 3, Page 5

"Martha couldn't shake Olive Barstow from her thoughts. She felt a stab of loneliness, the source of which she couldn't name." Chapter 5, Page 11

"Who knows, this might be our last summer together." Godbee, Chapter 12, Page 36

"She heard laughter from below. She sniffed once more, stretched like a cat, then went downstairs thinking, happily, I'm going to be a writer." Chapter 16, Page 51

"The scene with Mr. and Mrs. Manning had given her the chills, and yet she realized that any family, even the very best ones, had their moments. Awful, private moments." Martha referring to Jimmy's video, Chapter 21, Page 70

"I can't smell the ocean or run along the beach anymore either, but I remember what those things were like, too. Strange, I remember certain feelings and sensations more clearly the further away from them I become." Godbee, Chapter 26, Page 81

"Her entire life had come down to this awful moment, dwindled to nothing but this. Her life was a measly mess that could be contained in a closed fist." Chapter 41, Page 130

"Maybe, thought Martha, just maybe, the kiss will never be mentioned and the tape never shown. Her mind circled back to this thought repeatedly, although deep down inside her, she knew the likelihood of this was next to impossible." Chapter 42, Page 133

"'Remember, when your father and I are dead and gone, your brother and sister will be your family.' Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." Chapter 45, Page 138

"Everything took on a gloomy significance: the Last Lunch, the Last Dinner, the Last Sunset. The sadness was the familiar going-home-lump-in-the-throat feeling." Chapter 60, Page 182

"It would be perfect - a week or ten days to be alone with Godbee, to keep a watchful eye on her, to take care of her; and time to be with Tate." Chapter 65, Page 203

"She watched intently - the concrete turned dark and then light again as the water evaporated. Olive's name was there one moment, then gone the next, like a flicker in the great scheme of things." Chapter 68, Page 216

This section contains 359 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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