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"Satyagraha is literally holding on to Truth and it means, therefore, True-force. ... It excludes the use of violence ...." (Section First: What Satyagraha Is, 3)

"Only those who realize that there is something in man which is superior to the brute nature in him and that the latter always yields to it, can effectively be Satyagrahis." (Section First: What Satyagraha Is, 35)

"Satyagraha excludes the use of violence in any shape or form, whether in thought, speech, or deed. Given a just cause, capacity for endless suffering and avoidance of violence, victory is certainty." (Second Section: Discipline for Satyagraha, 56)

"No country has ever risen without being purified through the fire of suffering." (Third Section: Non-Co-Operation and Civil Disobedience, 112)

"Untouchability is the sin of the Hindus." (Fourth Section: Vykom Satyagraha, 180)

"The lesson that they have to learn is that so long as they remain united in non-violence they have nothing to fear, not even unwilling officials." (Fifth Section: Kheda and Bardoli Satyagrahas, 218)

"Hate dissolves in the presence of Love." (Sixth Section: Salt Satyagraha, 220)

"Wherever there is a violent eruption, volunteers are expected to die in the attempt to quell violence." (Sixth Section: Salt Satyagraha, 250)

"Freedom is a fruit of suffering, license is born of violence." (Sixth Section: Salt Satyagraha, 269)

"Swift, silent secrecy. No trial, no justice." (Sixth Section: Salt Satyagraha, 277)

"I am no example of perfect ahimsa. I am evolving." (Seventh Section: Indian States Satyagraha, 297)

"Satyagraha can never be resorted to for personal gain." (Ninth Section: Miscellaneous, 313)

"I believe that a State can be administered in a non-violent basis if the vast majority of the people are non-violent." (Eleventh Section: Conclusion, 386)

This section contains 269 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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