Non-violent Resistance - Section Seventh: Indian States Satyagraha Summary & Analysis

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Section Seventh: Indian States Satyagraha Summary and Analysis

Section seven covers the history of further Satyagrahas. Rajkot is a state of Kathiawas and is ruled by a prince. The people want constitutional reform but they are repressed, with the repression supported by the British. Gandhi spends his childhood in this state and is linked to the ruler. To fight the repression of the ruler, Gandhi fasts in Rajkot in 1939 and appeals to the Viceroy, who then brings about arbitration. Gandhi's side wins but he is unhappy that the coercion involved in arbitration had to be used.

The chapter opens with Gandhi encouraging a suspension of the Satyagraha in Rajkot. He thinks he made a mistake opening the Rajkot Satyagraha to all Kathiawadis. They relied on numbers rather than pure Satyagraha. Gandhi next notes that his reception of the Rajkot award makes him a coward.

Gandhi next turns to advise the suspension of civil disobedience in Travancore. He encourages those involved in Satyagraha there to not despair.

Gandhi next argues that the "Rajkot" chapter of his life is proof that the non-violent movement is not perfect and untainted. Gandhi also regrets imposing Satyagraha too harshly. Further, the Congress has failed to be effective in producing nation-wide Satyagraha.

Next Gandhi compares violence and non-violence. Gandhi claims that he is no example of perfect ahimsa and that he is evolving but he feels helpless among violence and is upset that the English seem not to have seen that the Satyagraha Gandhi leads is genuine. Gandhi regrets being blind to Hindu-Muslim hostility.

This section contains 266 words
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