Compare & Contrast The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder

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1880s: People going from Yonkers, which is adjacent to the Bronx, into Manhattan, which is also adjacent to the Bronx, most often take a train or ride a horse. (In the play, Vandergelder's shop sells horse supplies.)

1954: The trip from Yonkers to Manhattan is often made by automobile.

Today: Because of traffic congestion and a shortage of in-town parking, the trip from Yonkers to Manhattan is often made by train.

1880s: The American economy is prospering during the Industrial Revolution.

1954: The American economy is secure, but many in the audience for this play remember the Great Depression (1929 through 1941) clearly.

Today: America has just experienced a period of unprecedented economic growth due to the technology revolution.

1880s: Energy production is a growing industry.

Gasoline and oil are just starting to be in demand for combustion engines, and the newly-invented electric light bulb creates the need for power lines to spread electricity from municipal generators into homes.

1954: The first nuclear power station starts up in the Soviet Union. In the United States, Bell Laboratories creates a solar cell to convert sunlight into energy.

Today: Most of the world is still committed to using non-renewable fossil fuels, which are in greater demand than ever due to the growing demand for electricity and gasoline.

1880s: Millinery shops are common in all cities, because women do not think of going with their heads uncovered.

1954: Hats are still popular but are considered optional.

Today: It is rare to see either a woman or a man wearing a formal hat.

This section contains 259 words
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