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Who is Lancelot? Where is he living when the novel begins? Who is Lancelot speaking to at the beginning of the novel? Why does Lancelot begin telling his story to this person? What impact has this persona had on Lancelot's life? What comparisons does Lancelot make between his own life and the life of the person to whom he is speaking? How do these comparisons make it easier for Lancelot to tell his story to this person?

Who is Margot? Why is she interested in the movie business? Why does Lancelot believe she is interested in the movie business? Why does Lancelot believe Margot married him? Did it have anything to do with love? Why did Lancelot marry her? What was their marriage like in the beginning? How did it change? What does Lancelot blame for this change? What is the true blame for this change?

Discuss Merlin, Troy, Jacoby, and Raine. Who are these people? Why are they in Lancelot's house? What does Lancelot think of them before discovering his daughter's blood type? How does Lancelot feel after this discovery? Why does his opinion change? Who does Lancelot think is the father of his child? Is this person the father? Which man is Margot's lover? How does Lancelot learn this truth? Can the reader believe this is true? Why or why not?

Who is Siobhan? How is she the catalyst that causes the events that take place in this novel? What impact does she have on the overall plot of the novel? Why is she always hidden upstairs with Tex Reilly? Does Siobhan really exist or is she a figment of Lancelot's imagination? Who is Tex Reilly? What part does he play in Lancelot's meltdown? How does Tex give Lancelot the idea he uses to kill the movie people?

Who is Lucy Lamar? What is her role in Lancelot's meltdown? How does Lucy become involved with the movie people? What is unusual about Lancelot's reaction to his daughter, Lucy's, involvement with the movie people? How does Lucy escape injury at the end of the novel? What does this say about Lucy's relationship with Lancelot? Was Lucy real? Explain.

Discuss the concept of an unreliable narrator. What is an unreliable narrator? How is it used in literature in general? How is it used in this novel? What is the first clue that the narrator of this novel might be unreliable? Can the reader trust anything Lancelot tells the reader? Why or why not? What really happened that night at Belle Isle? How can the reader discover the truth of Lancelot's story? Was Lancelot's crime justified?

Discuss insanity. This book is hailed as one that shows the development of insanity in the mind of the main character. Is this true? Can the reader see where Lancelot begins to go insane? What causes this to begin? What impact did Lancelot's use of alcohol during the development of his insanity have to do with that development? What behaviors suggest Lancelot's insanity? What behaviors suggest he was in control of his mind? Could someone have stopped Lancelot? Why or why not?

This section contains 523 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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