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"Come into my cell. Make yourself at home." Chapter 1, pg. 3

"I perceive that you're not a patient but that something is wrong with you. You're more abstracted than usual. Are you in love?" Chapter 1, pg. 6

"Do you remember 'falling in love,' 'being in love'?" Chapter 2, pg. 11

"Then you know my story? I know it too of course, but I'm not sure how much I really remember." Chapter 2, pg. 13

"One has to know for sure before doing anything. I had to be sure about Margot, about what she had done and was doing now. I had to be absolutely certain." Chapter 3, pg. 43

"How strange it is that a discovery like this, of evil, of a kinsman's dishonesty, a wife's infidelity, can shake you up, knock you out of your rut, be the occasion of a new way of looking at things." Chapter 3, pg. 51

"Belle Isle burned to the ground except for twenty snaggle-toothed Doric columns. My hands burned trying to save Margot." Chapter 5, pg. 105

"Did I love Margot? I'm not sure what you mean, what that word means, but it was good between us." Chapter 5, pg. 117

"How come you're wearing your priest uniform today? Are you girding for battle of dressed up like Lee for the surrender?" Chapter 7, pg. 163

"Freedom? The New Woman will have perfect freedom. She will be free to be a lady or a whore." Chapter 7, pg. 179

"An odd thing about New Orleans: the cemeteries here are more cheerful than the hotels and the French Quarter." Chapter 9, pg. 249

"Not even the knife at his throat seemed to make any difference. All it came down to was steel molecules entering skin molecules, artery molecules, blood cells." Chapter 9, pg. 254

This section contains 282 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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