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Camp Application

Margot gives Lancelot an application for their daughter, Siobhan, to go to camp. The application lists Siobhan's blood type, leading Lancelot to believe Siobhan is not his daughter because their blood types are not compatible.


Lancelot kills his wife's lover with a knife and is burned when he must return to the home to retrieve it after the fire has begun burning.

Gas Well

There is a gas well under Belle Isle that contains methane gas. Lancelot pipes this gas into the bedrooms of Belle Isle in order to kill his wife, her lover, and her friends.


Friends of Margot Lamar come to Belle Isle to shoot a film that is about the coming together of a odd mixture of people during a hurricane.

Video Cameras

Lancelot has his servant, Elgin, videotape the activities in the bedrooms of his home one night in order to find out if his wife was having an affair with one of her movie friends. Elgin videotapes these activities with hidden cameras in the rooms.

Thunder Machine

The movie people use a thunder machine to simulate a hurricane for the movie they are making at Belle Isle.

Hurricane Marie

The night Belle Isle burns down, a hurricane that is later named Marie descends on New Orleans.

Institute for Aberrent Behavior

Although Lancelot never mentions the name of the hospital where he is being kept, clues from the scene he describes outside his window suggests he is being kept in the Institute for Aberrant Behavior in New Orleans, Louisiana.


There is a pigeonnier on the property of Belle Isle that was once used for storage. When Lancelot married Margot, she had the pigeonnier converted into an office for Lancelot.

Holiday Inn

Lancelot sends Elgin to the Holiday Inn to investigate the possibility that Margot is having an affair. However, Elgin cannot find any proof, so Lancelot has the hotel shut down, using the hurricane as an excuse, and invites his wife's friends to stay at Belle Isle where he can spy on them more efficiently.

Belle Isle

Belle Isle was once a glorious plantation outside New Orleans but is now a large home owned by Lancelot Lamar and is often opened for tourists. It is this home that burns down before the opening of the novel and leads to Lancelot telling his story to his friend, Harry.

Odessa, Texas

Margot Lamar and her father, Tex Reilly, are from Odessa Texas. It is in Odessa where Tex discovered oil and became rich.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The novel is set in New Orleans, Louisiana and its surrounding area.

This section contains 437 words
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