Lancelot - Chapter 9 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 9 Summary

Lancelot announces that he has been declared sane and will be leaving the hospital that day. Lancelot says he plans to go to Anna's land in Virginia. Lancelot plans to take custody of Siobhan again, despite the fact she is not his, but not right away. Anna will not be going with Lancelot just yet, but he hopes she will join him soon. Lancelot confesses that he felt little the night he killed four people, and that now he feels cold. Lancelot continues to claim that they are living in a modern day Sodom and that he plans to create a new world separate from this one. Then Lancelot asks Harry a few questions in which he appears to answer only with yes or no.

Chapter 9 Analysis

Lancelot says he is getting out of the hospital the day after he announces that he has killed four people. If this is true, the reader continues to wonder if it is possible Lancelot only believes he killed these people or perhaps he has only imagined that the doctors are planning to let him out. Lancelot continues to talk about a world with perfect women who do not deceive, leaving the reader convinced that nothing has truly changed for him. Lancelot then asks Harry numerous questions in which he seems to answer with only a yes or no. This seems odd and leaves the reader wondering if Harry was ever really there.

This section contains 244 words
(approx. 1 page at 400 words per page)
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