Lancelot - Chapter 7 Summary & Analysis

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Chapter 7 Summary

Lancelot talks about the weather, telling Harry a story about a couple on the cusp of divorce who found themselves trapped in a hurricane. The couple confessed their unhappiness to one another and found themselves closer than they had been in years. Then the couple divorced. This connects to Lancelot's story because Hurricane Marie was coming toward New Orleans as the movie moved into its final day of shooting. Lancelot came home that day and found Margot attempting to close the windows in the belvedere. Lancelot suggested they spend some time alone, but Margot was distant and pushed him away. This memory causes Lancelot to recall the first time he made love to Margot, a story in which he confesses that Margot was often the aggressor in their relationship. Then Lancelot tells Harry that not only did Margot refuse to go away with him that day, but she announced that she was soon to leave for England in order to do another movie with Janos. This only made Lancelot more determined to find the truth.

Lancelot then begins to talk about how America is becoming an immoral place. Lancelot's own son has decided he is a homosexual, a decision Lancelot understands and can respect because of the immorality of women. Lancelot blames women for the sexual immorality that he claims is ruining the country. Once again Lancelot talks about the New World he is going to create built around the New Woman. Lancelot claims that in his New World there will not be any deception, that women will clearly be virtuous or not.

Chapter 7 Analysis

Lancelot's insanity, a theme of the novel, is clearly growing. Lancelot has decided that women and their lies about sex is what is ruining the nation. Lancelot has decided to begin his own nation, his New World where there will be the New Woman, a woman who will clearly make the choice between being virtuous or not and men will not be fooled again. This tirade comes out when Lancelot reveals that he asked Margot to go away with him one last time and she refused, instead deciding to go to Europe to make a movie with Janos. Later, when Lancelot discovers that Janos is Margot's lover, this simply adds insult to injury.

This section contains 383 words
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