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Who is Jude? Why does his aunt tell him he would be better off dead? How does this make Jude feel? Does the aunt mean to be cruel to Jude? What does the aunt tell Jude about marriage and the people in his family? How does this foreshadow trouble for Jude in the future? Does Jude listen to his aunt's advice? Why or why not?

Who is Arabella? Why does she want to marry Jude? How do her friends tell her to convince Jude to marry her? Why does Arabella seduce Jude? What does she do to make Jude marry her? How does Jude feel when he learns the truth about Arabella? What does this do to their future together? How does marrying Arabella stall out Jude's plans to go to university? Does Jude ever get to Christminster?

Who is Sue Bridehead? Why does Jude begin going to places where he knows Sue will be? Why does Jude not tell Sue who he is at first? How does Jude know he is in love with Sue? Why does Jude introduce Sue to Mr. Phillotson? Why does Jude arrange for Sue to work with Mr. Phillotson? How is this introduction ironic in the long run?

Why does Sue go to Melchester? Why does Sue ask Jude to join her there? What does Jude think this means about their relationship? What was Sue's intention? Is Sue leading Jude on? How does Sue get in trouble while out with Jude one night? Why does she run away? How does this lead to scandal? Did Sue do what people say she did? Who is it recommended Sue marry? Who does she marry? Why?

Who is Mr. Phillotson? How does he feel about Sue? Why does Phillotson go to Jude to ask about the rumors about Sue's behavior? What could Jude have said to change Phillotson's relationship with Sue? What does he say instead? Why does Phillotson marry Sue? Why does Phillotson later decide to allow Sue to leave him and marry Jude? Why does Phillotson give Sue a divorce? What impact do these decisions have on Phillotson?

What secret did Arabella keep from Jude for the many years after their separation? Why does she keep this a secret? When does Jude learn the truth? What does Jude do about this situation? How does this situation impact Jude's life in the immediate aftermath? How does it impact him three years later when he moves his family to Christminster? Could this have been prevented? Explain.

Why does Sue turn to religion after many years of scorning it? Why does Sue believe she is being punished? What does Sue decide to do about it? How does this reflect Sue's views of religion and marriage before and after her change of opinions? Could religion really mean that a person has to be miserable in order to live sin free? Is marriage really sanctioned by God? Are people who live without marriage sinful? Explain.

This section contains 496 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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