Jude the Obscure - Study Guide Part First, At Marygreen: Chapters 5-8 Summary & Analysis

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Part First, At Marygreen: Chapters 5-8 Summary

Chapter 5. Three or four years later Jude has begun delivering his aunts goods from the bakery in a cart. While driving the cart between customer's homes, Jude reads his books. However, some of the villagers have noted this habit and tell the police about it, leaving Jude vulnerable to trouble with them. Jude has no choice but to read in the cart, however, and continues to do so, he just hides it better. Jude decides what he really wants to do is go to Christminster; therefore, he decides to apprentice himself to a stone-mason so that he might learn skills to make a living when he goes.

Chapter 6. While walking one Saturday, Jude comes across a group of girls on a farm cleaning pig intestines. One of the girls throws a piece at Jude to get his attention. The girl then asks for the piece back, so she and Jude meet on a small bridge so that he might return it to her. The girl asks Jude to call on her the following day and he agrees.

Chapter 7. Jude is reluctant to leave his studies the next day because the weekend is the only time he has a chance to study. However, he has given his promise to the girl, Arabella Donn. Jude picks Arabella up at her father's home and walks with her to Brown House. From there they can see a fire burning, so they decide to walk toward it. The fire is further than they expected and they soon find themselves in Alfredston. Jude takes Arabella to a tavern where they have beer. Arabella seems to know that the beer has been altered, but it does not occur to Jude to ask how she knows. Arabella talks with her friends the next day about Jude and asks their advice on how to get Jude to marry her. One of them suggests that she trap him by getting pregnant.

Chapter 8. As he is walking home, Jude comes across Arabella struggling to recapture three pigs her father recently purchased. Together they are able to recapture two, but a third gets out of the yard. Arabella and Jude follow the third until Arabella finally tells him to give up. They stop in a field and lie under a tree. Arabella tries to get Jude to lie close to her, but he misunderstands her intention and she becomes frustrated. The next day Arabella talks her mother into leaving the house so that Arabella and Jude might be alone after their walk. That night Arabella seduces Jude.

Part First, At Marygreen: Chapters 5-8 Analysis

Jude has continued with his solitary studies and decides to apprentice himself to a stone-mason in order to make the money he will need to survive in Christminster when he goes there to attend college. This shows the reader the depth of Jude's commitment even as the next chapter shows Jude distracted by a very pretty young woman.

Arabella is an interesting character. She is young and beautiful, but she also seems to be a girl who knows how to get what she wants. Arabella sets her sights on Jude and she sets out to catch him. Arabella is a girl who is used to getting what she wants; therefore, she decides not to take any chances with Jude. Arabella sets out to deceive him. This shows the reader that Arabella is not of moral character. When the reader also notes that Arabella seems to know more about beer than a good girl ought to, it begins to be apparent that Arabella is not what Jude believes she is. This spells trouble for Jude's future and his dreams.

This section contains 622 words
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