Compare & Contrast Joe Turner's Come and Gone by August Wilson

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Late 1900s/Early 1910s: Jack Johnson becomes the first black man to hold the world heavyweight boxing championship title in 1908. When he successfully defends his title in 1910, race riots break out in the United States.

1980s: African Americans riot in Liberty City, Florida, following the acquittal of police officers accused of killing an unarmed black man.

Today: The largest protest of police brutality in New York's history occurs after police officers shoot forty-one bullets at Amadou Diallo, a black immigrant.

Late 1900s/Early 1910s: Many African Americans are denied their freedom when they are impressed into slavery by the influential Tennes-see plantation owner, Joe Turney, whose exploits are memorialized in the blues song, "Joe Turner's Come and Gone." Other blacks face severe segregation and discrimination.

1980s: Tensions escalate between South Africa's black majority and the white South African leadership, in part due to the government's longtime practice of racial segregation and repression—known as apartheid. Through apartheid, the white minority passes laws that restrict the rights of non-whites, including denying blacks the right to vote. Both the United Kingdom and the United States institute a selective number of economic sanctions against South Africa, in protest of its racial policies.

Today: Following the first all-race national elections in 1994, South Africa's government now features a black majority and a permanent, non-racial constitution.

Late 1900s/Early 1910s: W. E. B. Du Bois helps found the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) with the help of Jane Addams and John Dewey, two concerned white activists. Du Bois is one of the most influential public figures of his day.

1980s: The Reverend Jesse Jackson runs for the Democratic presidential nomination twice and wins a significant amount of support each time from both blacks and whites.

Today: General Colin Powell is the United States Secretary of State under President George W. Bush and is the first African American to hold this position.

This section contains 326 words
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