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What is the significance of George's death? In what way does George's death motivate the Losers into confronting It? How might the story have been different if George had not died? Is Bill responsible for George's death?

What brings the seven Losers together? Are there similarities between these seven children? What are they? What is the significance of the number seven? Does this significance have something to do with the mission these seven have in front of them?

Why does It not kill the seven members of the Losers Club? What is different about these seven that the other victims of It do not share? Why is It afraid of these children? Is there something magical about the children that It is aware of?

What is It? Is It alien or more like a mystical being, such as God? What is the Turtle? What is the significance of the Turtle to the story? What is the Other? Which of these creatures brings the seven Losers together? Is the Turtle benevolent? Is the Other benevolent? Do these creatures want the Losers to kill It? Do they help the seven kill It?

Why do the six who left Derry become successful? Why are they unable to have children? What magic causes this phenomenon? Why can the six who left not remember the events of the summer of 1958? Why does Mike remember? Why do they all begin to forget when It is dead?

Why does Stan kill himself? Did Stan remember It or was he simply afraid? Why did Stan write It on the bathroom wall? Was Stan weak?

Why does Beverly marry Tom Rogan? Does Beverly marry a man like her father? Or does Beverly marry a man like Henry Bowers? Does Beverly believe she deserves to be hurt? Why or why not? Why does Beverly have sex with all six of the male members of the Losers Club when they become lost in the tunnels? How does this act help the Losers get out of the tunnels? Does this act make Beverly a bad person?

Compare and contrast the characters Henry Bowers, Tom Rogan and Al Marsh. What are their similarities? Why do you think the writer introduced these three characters? What is their collective purpose? Do they succeed in their purpose?

Why does the author give each character a flaw? What are their flaws? Do these flaws make the characters weaker or stronger? What about Henry Bowers? Are his flaws his fault or the fault of his father? Does the fact that Henry's father is crazy make Henry a more sympathetic character?

This section contains 438 words
(approx. 2 pages at 400 words per page)
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