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Paper Boat

Bill makes a newspaper boat for George on the last day of a record storm. George sails the boat in the gutter and loses it down a drain. George attempts to retrieve the boat and finds a clown in the drain. The clown grabs hold of Georgie's arm and rips it from his body, killing him.

George's Photo Album

George collected a group of pictures in an album before his death. After his death, Bill goes into George's room and looks through the album. One of the pictures in the album, a school photo of George, begins to move, winking at Bill. Later, Bill shows the album to Richie and the school photo is missing, but another picture of downtown Derry many years before George's death begins to move. When Bill tries to touch the picture, his fingers enter the photo and are cut.


Silver is Bill's very large, very fast bike. Silver saves Bill and Richie's life the day they go to 29 Neibolt Street to check out Eddie's story about the leper. Later, Bill takes his wife Audra for a ride on Silver, and it helps bring her out of a catatonic state.

Henry's Knife

Henry mysteriously receives a knife in the mail from Bob Gray. Henry uses this knife to kill his father before going after the members of the Losers Club with the intention of killing them, as well. Twenty-seven years later, Henry miraculously finds the knife again and uses it to stab Mike and to attempt to kill Eddie.

Mike's Diary

Mike begins keeping a diary when the cycle begins again in the eighties, writing down the unusual history of Derry. After Bill and Richie kill It, Mike believes the ink in the book will begin to fade just like his and the other member's fading memories.

Sink Drain

One night, Bev is in the bathroom when she hears voices coming from the sink drain. When Bev attempts to find out who is speaking, the drain suddenly spits blood all over the bathroom. Bev's parents cannot see the blood.

Large Bird

Mike Hanlon goes to explore the site of the Kitchener Ironworks and finds an enormous bird there. The bird begins to chase Mike around the site, forcing him to hide inside the smokestack.

Teen Werewolf

Richie sees a werewolf when he and Bill go to the house on Neibolt Street just like the werewolf in a movie he saw in the theater with Bev and Ben.

The Mummy

Ben believes he sees a mummy similar to the mummy in a horror movie he had seen walking on the frozen canal in the middle of winter. The mummy is holding a bunch of balloons that appear to be floating against the wind.

The Canal

A canal runs through downtown Derry in order to control the flow of the two rivers that run through town. It is under the canal that the Losers Club believes It has Its nest. It is also at the canal where Ben sees the mummy, and Mike sees evidence of Eddie Corcoran's death.

The Library

Ben spends a great deal of his time in the library before he befriends the Losers Club. Later, when Ben returns to Derry, the library is one of the first places he goes to. Mike becomes the head librarian at the Derry Library as an adult, and it is here that he is attacked by Henry Bowers.

The Glass Bridge

There is a Glass Bridge that connects the children's library to the adult library. Ben finds a great deal of pleasure in this structure and will copy it as an adult when he builds the BBC Tower in London.

The Clubhouse

Ben guides his friends in the construction of an underground clubhouse where they can hide from Henry Bowers and his friends.

The Dump

The town dump in Derry is adjacent to the Barrens. The Losers Club goes here several times to play and to practice shooting Bill's slingshot. It is here that Beverly sees Henry and his friends playing one afternoon and sees Patrick Hockstetter taken by It.


Derry was constructed in a place where several rivers come together in their flow toward the ocean causing the town to be prone to flooding. In order to prevent floods, the town created a large drainage system to handle the river's overflow. Within the drainage system, there are many pumps to move the water enclosed in cylindrical pumping stations scattered throughout the Barrens. It is through one of these pumping stations that the Losers Club gains access to the tunnels where It has Its nest.

Derry Town House

When the five survivors of the Losers Club return to Derry, they stay at the Derry Town House. It is here that Henry attempts to kill Eddie and is instead killed himself.

The Standpipe

The Standpipe is a large water tower in the middle of Derry. Stan runs into It there in the form of two dead teens who had drowned inside the water tank. Later, when the Losers Club returns to kill It, the Standpipe falls during a record storm.

29 Neibolt Street

29 Neibolt Street is an abandoned house near the train yards where Eddie sees a leper. Later, Bill and Richie return to the house, and each sees a different monster that follows them out into the street and nearly kills Richie. After this, the entire Losers Club returns to the house to face It and manage to injure the creature.

The Barrens

The Barrens is a heavily vegetated area in the center of Derry where the Losers Club played most days during the summer. The Barrens is where the children built a dam and their underground clubhouse. The Barrens is also where the pumping-station is located that the Losers Club uses to enter the tunnels underground where Pennywise made its home.

Derry, Maine

Derry, Maine is a small eastern town where the Losers Club members live and where the alien that calls itself Bob Gray lives and feeds.

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