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It - Part Five, The Ritual of Chud: Chapter 23, Out Summary & Analysis

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Part Five, The Ritual of Chud: Chapter 23, Out Summary

Bill sees that It is suffering but still alive. Bill insists that this time they go after It. As Bill follows It, he sees Audra who is hanging from Its web. Bill falters, but Ben and Richie convince him to continue. The three men follow It while Beverly remains with Eddie. Along the path It has taken, Ben sees that it has laid eggs. This is the reason they made their pledge to return as Stan recognized in 1958 that It was pregnant. Ben stays behind to kill each of the eggs while Richie and Bill follow It. Bill and Richie attack It, beating it with their fists. Bill manages to make his way inside Its body, finds Its heart, and kills It. When it is all over, Bill finds Richie lying on the floor. Bill believes he is dead, but carries Richie out of the chamber anyway.

Richie regains consciousness from a blow he took to the head. Bill gathers up Audra and insists on taking her with him. Richie and Ben carry Eddie out of the nest and into the outer chamber, leaving him there. Unknown to them, the flooding on the streets above them has caused great sections of downtown Derry to collapse. Whole sections of the street has also collapsed. The Standpipe in Memorial Park collapses, sending even more water rushing toward the canal. Whole buildings have collapsed into the tunnels. Bill leads his friends through the tunnels, unaware of these things, but aware that water is pouring into the tunnels from somewhere. Bill is afraid of getting lost, but soon they begin to see light. Bill has led them to an area where the street has collapsed. Bill, Beverly, Ben and Richie climb out through the street, pulling Audra with them. Bill sends Audra to the hospital, and the rest of them return to the hotel for some much deserved rest.

In 1958, the Losers came out of the tunnels through one of the pumping stations in the Barrens. They gathered in a circle. Stan cuts each of their hands with a broken coke bottle. They hold hands and swear that if It ever comes back, if they did not kill It, they will come back. They continue to hold hands for a long time, not saying anything to each other. Then one by one, they begin to leave. They will never again be all together.

Part Five, The Ritual of Chud: Chapter 23, Out Analysis

Bill and Richie kill It while Ben kills Its children. They have returned to finish this and do as they promised. This time, Bill destroys Its heart with his bare hands. They all leave together, taking Eddie who has by then passed away. They leave Eddie in the chamber outside Its nest and make their way out of the tunnels, taking turns carrying Audra. The city above them has begun to fall apart in the storm, the streets collapsing, buildings falling into sink holes, and the Standpipe collapsing. It is to this point where Bill leads them, allowing them to climb out through the hole the collapsed streets has caused. It is over.

In 1958, they left the tunnels in a less dramatic way and made a promise to return should It return. Stan believes that It is pregnant and that it is important they stop It before It can spread throughout the country. They make their promise and then hold hands for a long time before separating, as if they know this is the end of something magical, a theme of the book. These children will never be all together at once again, implying to the reader that the magic that brought them together in the first place has ended.

This section contains 637 words
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