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It - Derry: The Third Interlude Summary & Analysis

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Derry: The Third Interlude Summary

Mike writes in his diary that the cycle appears to need a huge event to begin and to end. Mike believes the fire at the Black Spot ended the cycle in 1930, and the death of the Bradley Gang in 1929 began that cycle. Mike went to the old pharmacist to ask about that event. The Bradley Gang was a notorious crime gang who traveled from town to town robbing banks and anything else that caught their attention. The Bradley Gang took a house outside of Derry to hide out. One afternoon, they came into Derry to buy a huge amount of ammunition. The owner of the store told them he could not supply all the ammunition and told them to come back a few days later.

Instead of telling the police, the owner of the store told all the men folk in town. On the appointed day, the men in town all went downtown with their guns loaded and laid in wait. When the gang showed up, the men opened fire without giving the gang a chance to defend themselves, killing them all. Later, the newspaper claimed that the FBI had been the ones to kill the gang. When Mike asked if anyone had seen anything strange that day, the old pharmacist reported that several people claimed to have seen a clown.

Derry: The Third Interlude Analysis

Mike suggests that the cycle of death that takes place in Derry every twenty-five to twenty-seven years appears to need a huge event to both begin and end it. Mike suggests that the fire at the Black Spot ended the cycle in 1930 and that the murders of the Bradley Gang began it the fall before. Mike's suggestion makes the reader wonder if Georgie's death and the flood that preceded it began the cycle in 1957. If so, the reader wonders what ended that cycle since Mike has not mentioned a catastrophic event that took place that summer.

Mike's search of Derry's history is beginning to show that the creature that the kids in Derry keep seeing has been around for a long time. Mike's research also shows that the adults of Derry participate in these cycles in some ways, by participating in the events that both precede and end the cycles. The people of Derry killed the Bradley Gang in cold blood without even attempting to arrest them, suggesting some lack of basic humanity among these good people of Derry. The reader wonders if this is something wrong with the people of Derry or if the creature who can change shape so easily also has the power to influence the behaviors of the grownups in Derry. If the reader thinks back to Bill's comment that It is Derry, then perhaps this will go a long way to explaining this possibility that It controls the adults as well as hunts the children.

This section contains 487 words
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