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It - Derry: The Second Interlude Summary & Analysis

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Derry: The Second Interlude Summary

Mike begins this diary entry by telling the reader that two more children have died. Mike is coming closer and closer to the decision to call his friends back, but wants to wait until he is absolutely sure. Mike turns the narration to the fire at the Black Spot in Derry in 1930. The Black Spot was a nightclub on the Derry military base that was only for the colored men stationed there. The colored men were not allowed to go to the NCO on base, and the mayor requested that they not be allowed in the bars in town, so they were given an old shed to turn into their own club. The soldiers cleaned the shed up, put in a kitchen, and formed a band for their small club. The band was so good, that soon people from town began coming to the Black Spot on weekends to listen.

One night, a group of people from town dressed in white sheets surrounded the Black Spot. They called the people out, but no one responded. The members of the group were holding burning torches and several of the torches were, possibly by accident, thrown onto the back of the building where the kitchen was housed. The entire building began to catch fire, and a stampede ensued. Mike's father was nearly trampled until a friend managed to get a hold of him and pull him out of harm's way. Another friend led them back toward the kitchen and helped them climb out a window. Mike's father's friend then stole a truck and ran it through the front of the building, making an opening the remaining survivors could get out of. When Mike's father finishes his story, Mike asks if he saw anything unusual that night. Mike's father tells him that he saw a huge bird with balloons tied to each of its wings.

Derry: The Second Interlude Analysis

Mike relates a story to the reader that at first seems personal and unrelated. The story is about a fire at a club on the Army Base in Derry in 1930. Mike's father was stationed at this base during the war, and it is how he learned about Derry and chose to live there. The fire was started by a racist group of men from Derry who were trying to save the virtues of the young women who chose to spend time there. Many people died that night and countless others murdered in what seemed to be a useless act. The club could have simply been shut down or its popularity ignored since no one was going there under any kind of duress. However, the town of Derry and some of its most respected citizens decided to take matters into their own hands and killed many of the town's citizens as well as the colored soldiers.

However, there was a presence there that Mike finds frightening. Mike's father saw a large bird with balloons attached to it, a theme that relates back to the clown that killed Georgie Denbrough. It seems that the same creature that is now haunting the main characters of the book also played some role in the fire at the Black Spot in 1930. This suggestion makes it seem as though the creature has been around for a long time, perhaps killing children all this time, as well. Now in 1985, Mike seems to feel that whatever it is is back and that he and his friends are the only ones who are aware of it and can do something about it.

This section contains 601 words
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